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  1. Bayou Bengal

    Hello from Nova Scotia!

    Welcome to Linux.org, ComputerNerd! Glad you decided to join us!
  2. Bayou Bengal

    Disappearing icons from tray

    I have this issue with one program, Trillian. It has been happening since Mint 17 and is still doing it in 19.1. The program is a Windoze program, and it runs in Wine. It not only loses the tray icon after a few days, when I reboot the program it displays a messed up double icon. I always...
  3. Bayou Bengal

    How to easily fix problems with the sound for newbies

    Tested it, and it worked! Thanks! Handy thing to know! This tip should have a sticky!
  4. Bayou Bengal

    Digital microscope

    I've never thought about doing this, but I imagine it is no different than connecting a digital camera to your computer. If you microscope has the capability to attach a camera, or there is a kit that would allow a camera to be attached, this would be fairly easy to accomplish. My Mint can...
  5. Bayou Bengal

    Figured I probably aught to do this

    I wasn't going to mention I am a former Mopar junkie, but since the Wizard invited me, my favorite was the 1972 body style. I had one in sky blue while I was in the military. It had a 400 in it, with the Carter Thermo Quad. Yeah, I blew that engine up so I swapped it out for a 440 Six-Pac! :D
  6. Bayou Bengal

    Mint 17 - End of support coming soon

    I have found that Bitmoji is pretty good for smiley icons, although they tend to be a little on the large side. I use Gimp to down size and then save them on Imjur. Just post like a regular picture after that.
  7. Bayou Bengal

    Mint 18.3 Cinnamon Dual Boot Issues with Win7

    Hi Vrai! It will work! I have three laptops, two are Asus and the other is a Gigabyte. All three have dual SSDs, and I dual boot Windows 7 and Linux on them. Do the same with my desktops.
  8. Bayou Bengal

    Your First Computer

    1981 or 82 I guess. I bought a Commodore 64. It had all the goodies, and Brother in Law was in the software business! He gave me all kinds of game modules and software for the 64. I had no idea what I was doing with the software. One was a spreadsheet. The games were no better than the...
  9. Bayou Bengal

    Site not secure

    All you have to do on imgur to get your pics on the https is to make all your folders hidden so others on imgur can't see them when they browse the site. I just checked my images and they are all set to https. All my personal folders are set to "Hidden" on imgur.
  10. Bayou Bengal

    Image test for signatures

    It's not a problem.
  11. Bayou Bengal

    Image test for signatures

    But it works! Kudos to Stan!
  12. Bayou Bengal

    Image test for signatures

    I have found you can't delete the post with the original picture.
  13. Bayou Bengal

    Image test for signatures

    Testing again.
  14. Bayou Bengal

    Image test for signatures

    Yep, it works well, Stan! Thanks for the hack! Now to shrink a photo for an acceptable image. :D
  15. Bayou Bengal

    Testing Lubuntu (32 Bit) On a Compaq Pressario V5101US

    Have you checked you sound settings when you run a YouTube video? I had this problem when I installed Pulse Effects. It would change the setting from my speakers, and shutdown Pulse Effects.
  16. Bayou Bengal

    I have a program that only wants to run in windows....

    I have been very happy with Samsung and OCZ SSD drives. I use them in my laptops and all of my desktops.
  17. Bayou Bengal

    hello world

    Welcome to Linux.org, Tonnie! Looking forward to your participation in our group!
  18. Bayou Bengal

    I have a program that only wants to run in windows....

    Snap-On is the "Apple" of professional mechanic's tools. It will have to be Snap-On. I'd be leary of using Wine and trying to make it work in Linux too. If it runs and the comms work he's libel to 8-ball a multi-thousand dollar scanner. He needs to dual boot with Windoze. Qualifier: I own...
  19. Bayou Bengal

    Mint 17 - End of support coming soon

    Yes, that is what I'd do. Just the normal upgrades from the update manager. Although I had to use the terminal to go from 17.3 to 18.0. The instructions are on the mint website. I'm glad you have some fond memories of Louisiana! Hard to beat the food or the culture. I've been here most of...
  20. Bayou Bengal

    Mint 17 - End of support coming soon

    Hi Socko, and welcome to Linux.org! Sorry I'm late to the party but I've been tied up at school. I probably shouldn't say this, I don't want it to sound like a brag, and worse yet I don't want to put the Gris Gris on my own backside! (Gris Gris is cajun for "jinx.") I have been using the...