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    Ser2Net - in reverse.

    I need a Raspberry pi to automatically telnet to a remote server (port 8000) and connect the Raspberry's serial port to the resulting data stream. My ser2net.conf file is 8000:raw:0:/dev/serial0:115200 8DATABITS NONE 1STOPBIT But of course, this doesn't "call" the server. So, if I type...
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    Persistent connection - Amazon ec2 server

    I'm a relative NewB. I have an Amazon ec2 server set up as a 'reverse SSH tunnel'. A remote site is connecting to the Amazon server via SSH (using autoSSH), and my local computer then connects to the Amazon server - thus providing me with a connection to the remote site. From time to time, the...
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    Networking issues - Raspberry pi

    I'm using a Raspberry pi to connect to a reverse SSH tunnel setup on an Amazon ec2 server. And I'm using a 4G/LTE USB "dongle" to make the connection. The "dongle" looks like eth0 or eth1 to the Raspberry pi and will usually connect to the carrier during boot. I have added a "SLEEP 16"...
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    dhcpcd crashes on Raspberry pi

    I'm using a RPi 3 (Stretch) to connect to the internet via a Verizon 4G/LTE USB 'dongle' (Pantech UML295) , which presents itself as eth1. On first power up, the Raspberry always hangs at 'A start job is running for dhcpcd on all interfaces (20s / 1min 42sec)'. At this point, the dongle...
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    I'm using autoSSH to connect to an Amazon ec2 server. I need to automatically reconnect to the server if the SSH connection is lost for a few seconds. I need the system to know that it has lost the SSH connection and then re-establish the connection to the server. In some cases, the Ethernet...
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    IOT over 4G/LTE using Raspberry pi

    I am using a Raspberry pi for an IOT project. The Raspberry connects to an Amazon ec2 server over SSH. The connection uses a 4G/LTE USB "dongle". I can get the connection made (using wvdial, pppd and autoSSH) - so that all works, but my issue is - sometimes the 4G connection drops, and I...