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  1. GardenData61371

    I don't want to dual boot

    I have a few games that for the love of God won't run on Linux. Neither with Wine or Proton. But I don't want to dual boot. What do I do now?
  2. GardenData61371

    Ubuntu login loop

    I enter my password correctly but it reboots back to the login screen.
  3. GardenData61371

    Recommended distro for a family's pc?

    Hello. My family's pc is really slow and barely can run Windows 10 I'm thinking of putting Linux on it. What distro is good? Cpu amd e1-2500, and Radeon HD 8240, 3gb ram, 500gb hdd,
  4. GardenData61371

    Linux Mint slow internet

    My internet is 40 Mbps. But I only get 10 on Linux Mint. Why?
  5. GardenData61371

    Alternatives to Ubuntu?

    So Ubuntu installes flawlessly on my old laptop but refuses on my new gaming PC. Any good distro that works on my hardware? I5 6500 3.2GHz, gtx 1070 ti, 16gb ram, 1tb ssd, motherboard is gigabyte h110m-ds2
  6. GardenData61371

    What distro is good for beginners?

    Hello. I'm new to the Linux world. I'm coming from Windows and my primary need is gaming. But my biggest issue is that I can't stop distrohopping. I've tried a bunch of distros but can't decide which one to settle with. Can you help me?
  7. GardenData61371

    What distro will fit my old laptop?

    Laptop: HP Probook 4720s CPU: Intel P6200 2.1GHz GPU: Radeon HD 6300M RAM: 3GB Storage: 120GB SSD WiFi card: Broadcom I'm looking for a distro for daily use. Good support and community.
  8. GardenData61371

    I still can't decide which distro to choose

    I thought it would be Arch that would end my distrohopping. But sadly it's not. Will I ever stop distrohopping?
  9. GardenData61371

    Rolling release vs point release?

    What are the pros and cons of each? Which should I pick as a beginner?
  10. GardenData61371

    Can I mod games on Linux?

    Best example being Skyrim. Will my 400 mod list work under Wine?
  11. GardenData61371

    Should I switch to Linux now that I have the chance?

    I ordered a 1TB SSD for gaming. But I'll have to reinstall my OS(I use Windows for gaming) Then a thought came to mind. Since I'll have to reinstall my OS why not put Arch on it? Now that gaming on Linux is better than ever,and I can mod skyrim on it. Should I finally make the switch now that I...
  12. GardenData61371

    Would you recommend Arch to a new user?

    Some guy on Quora made a long long long long ass comment where he reviewed every major and popular distros and in the end made a statement saying that Arch is the only good distro for a new user. Do you agree with that? I can copy paste his comment if you want.
  13. GardenData61371

    How can I game on Linux?

    I really want to switch to Linux but the biggest problem is that I am a gamer. I have a few games that I love but are only on Windows. How can I continue playing my games on Linux?
  14. GardenData61371

    Manjaro or Ubuntu?

    Hello. I'm a new guy to Linux, and for the past few weeks was trying out different distros to pick one which is best for me. I'm thinking of switching to Linux permenantly. In the end I'm stuck between 2 distros. Manjaro and Ubuntu. I like Manjaro for rolling release model and the AUR and Ubuntu...
  15. GardenData61371

    Guide to switch to Linux?

    How do I make the switch as smoothly as possible? I am a gamer but most of my games have native Linux support so that's not an issue. I spent weeks trying out different distros and came to the conclusion that Linux Mint is best for me. Anything else I should do?
  16. GardenData61371

    Kubuntu or Manjaro KDE?

    Which one is better for gaming?
  17. GardenData61371

    Help me find a Linux distro for me.

    So many choices is making me confused. I would like a distro that's: -familiar to Windows users, -good for gaming, -rolling release, -has a big community, -CLI easy to use, -customizable, I know there isn't a perfect distro that has it all but which distros offer most of the above?
  18. GardenData61371

    What Linux distro is most Windows like?

    Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. I'm a beginner in Linux and wanted to switch to it ever since I discovered it last year. But the problem is I can't find a distro that is for me. Can you help me? I'm also a gamer and would like a distro that's good for games since most of my game are...
  19. GardenData61371

    Good distro for a gamer coming from Windows?

    Hi. I'm new here so sorry if a posted this in the wrong place. I wanted to switch to Linux ever since i heard about it 2 years ago. I never could do it because i'm a gamer. But now with Steam Play and all this stuff, can i finally make the switch? If yes, which distro is good for me? P.S. I...