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  1. rado84

    Just for fun - Linux Jokes and Memes

    Now I'm 99% sure Microsoft stole the BSOD font from Google! The font is Open Sans Light which was then Bolded. And AFAIK that's not the only thing they stole from Linux - a lot of stuff they have stolen from KDE as well!
  2. rado84

    Just for fun - Linux Jokes and Memes

    This is a linux meme thread, not medical meme thread. Read the title again. ----------------------------
  3. rado84

    OpenAL config files?

    No such files in either location.
  4. rado84

    Dark themes for the forum

    @TechnoJunky , I already tried that addon. Altough I do like the idea of it, it's still too glitchy. Hindered the loading of several pages, facebook included, so I removed it.
  5. rado84

    Dark themes for the forum

    It seems that @Rob has fixed it. Now it appears normal.
  6. rado84

    [SOLVED] How can I create an ISO from a directory with many subdirs?

    None of the above helped me, btw. Recently I found the perfect solution: trizen -S xorriso acetoneiso2 and then use the AcetoneISO's function "generate ISO from a folder".
  7. rado84

    My Mint themes for Cinnamon 3.6.7 & 3.8 (discontinued)

    These 2 themes won't be updated anymore.
  8. rado84

    My theme for Cinnamon 4.0+

    Since I no longer use Mint 18.3 and Cinnamon 3.6.7 (therefore I won't update the other 2 themes), I decided it was time to bring my favorite theme (Castiel) back to life in Cinnamon 4.0 but this time with a different name. And so, here it is. I hope you like it. Installation instructions (very...
  9. rado84

    What does this mean?

    He can. But only 32-bit VMs. 64-bit won't run unless he enables VT.
  10. rado84

    Can't use Linux to make a USB visible in Windows

    @TechnoJunky Fallout 76 runs in Linux but only partially - after character creation it closes. However, that guy tried it with Wine 3.20 which is like an ancient version of it, whereas the current version is 4.8, so you can try it with 4.8 and say how it went.
  11. rado84

    Can't use Linux to make a USB visible in Windows

    If you enable secure boot, you won't be able to boot into Linux after that. Frankly I don't understand why people continue using that crap. 95% of the games run quite fine in Linux. Also in Linux nobody's stealing your personal and payment data, nobody's tracking you, nobody's forbidding you...
  12. rado84

    Portable Linux Computer For Coders And Linux Lovers!

    @furkan161 , this is my 1 cent to the topic: I'd buy such a device, if the battery can survive 5-6 hours of intense usage - such as watching FHD movies, constant viewing of YT or internet browsing. I'm not a coder but I need a similar device for when I go to parts of my country where internet is...
  13. rado84

    Can't use Linux to make a USB visible in Windows

    RosaImageWriter - for making a Linux bootable USB stick in Linux environment. WoeUSB - for making a Windows bootable USB stick in Linux environment. And btw, you don't need Crapows to play Fallout 4: https://www.protondb.com/app/377160