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  1. whazzupdoc

    Alter DPI (to Hi) Mint 19.3

    Advised to start a new thread. My 19.3 only displays Auto, Enable, and Disable when I'm wanting to change font size (not icon size) Ideas? Advice?
  2. whazzupdoc

    Audio Problem

    My Linux system is 18.3. The computer is a Toshiba Notebook C655-S5090. I've not checked it since the Wiz worked with me last year on the Linux setup. I went to Fox News thru Linux software (internet on Linux) today and tried to get sound on one of their sound. I must have missed...
  3. whazzupdoc

    Yumi USB Download Help

    Hi, I should know this but don't. I've got a clean 14.8gb usb stick in my Win7 x64 and have downloaded Yumi. The instructions online sound so simple but at the install window, after I've selected my OS (Mint 18.3 x32-64) and clicked what boxes 'I think' they're asking for, it freezes. Here's the...
  4. whazzupdoc

    Wish to Burn .iso to thumb drive not dvd

    Got the gparted update notice. Downloaded it and it wants to burn it only to a dvd. Not given the option of usb. I read in the LM Official Users' Guide that there is a way to do this...more advanced but doable. How's it done? Doc
  5. whazzupdoc

    Wish to have LM 18.3 as Default System on Startup (dual booting)

    Here we go starting fresh. Doc
  6. whazzupdoc

    Store installed LM 18.1, Wish to replace with my original LM 18.3

    Spent months with Wiiz setting up my Toshiba with Mint 18.3 and all the 'friendlies'' . Still have everything backed up on the external as well as on the removed HDD. Replaced the HDD with an internal 1Tb SSD. Gave the factory 18.3 thumb drive to the tech(s) and instructed to install the SSD in...
  7. whazzupdoc

    Unable to View Youtube Video Posted At This Site

    NOTE FROM WIZARD - MOVED THESE POSTS FROM ANOTHER THREAD ... because it is a valid Thread in its own right Chris Turner wizardfromoz
  8. whazzupdoc

    Mint 18.3 Cinnamon Dual Boot Issues with Win7

    I want to install and then format a new Samsung 1TB internal into an existing Win7 x64 desktop. Not a partition but a separate SSD. I'd like to install Mint 18.3 in the1st boot order and move the existing HDD to the 2nd position with the option at startup to choose which O/S I'd like to use. I...