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  1. kc1di

    Newbie to Linux, network question

    You will need to set up a samba share for your linux and windows boxes here is a page to show you how to do that. Samba
  2. kc1di

    Need help getting WiFi set up

    We need to know what the dongle is, Manufacturer, type of chips set if known. The windows drivers will not usually work in Linux.
  3. kc1di

    A little story

    Nice Story :) Thanks for sharing. Just goes to show you Linux is a great community!
  4. kc1di

    Why Do You Use Linux?

    My two major reasons - I'm comfortable with it and with the people here to help and encourage. :)
  5. kc1di

    Animations in MATE desktop

    Haven't used Ubuntu Mate in a while but this pages may be of help: Mate customization
  6. kc1di

    help please - unable to boot since last install '/dev/sda2 contains file system with errors'

    Do as Condobloke has suggested. If that does not work. Did you by any chance use setup time shift when you installed Mint if so you can use that snapshot to return your system to the setting before the problem began. If not then I Suspect that either your Hard drive is failing or some how...
  7. kc1di

    Today's article has you getting the weather in the terminal.

    Thanks for the tip KGill, You can also get a quick snapshot of the current weather conditions with this command inxi -w
  8. kc1di

    help please - unable to boot since last install '/dev/sda2 contains file system with errors'

    Hi Sophie sorry your having problems with Mint. There are may reasons it may not boot. Can you access the grub menu and perhaps boot to recovery mode? You access the grub menu when you system just begins to boot hold down the left shift key or the esc key depending of if you system is UEFI or...
  9. kc1di

    Linux is Fine When Used For Other Devices

    Yep Linux is everywhere people just don't know it.
  10. kc1di

    KDE neon

    What does the terminal command sudo apt update show? Any error messages?
  11. kc1di

    Linux Popularity vs Windows

    Windows is slowly moving away from the Desktop to a Desktop as a service cloud format. So in a sense this question will become mute in the that we would be talking apples and oranges. This article puts it well. DAAS There have been many over the last 25 years calling for linux to produce one...
  12. kc1di

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Stays about the same.
  13. kc1di

    It's time for a poll. How long have you used Linux?

    25 years on linux and still learning it never ends :)
  14. kc1di

    Lesser Known Distros you have used.....

    it's now dead, not developed any longer. But used to use Vector linux great little distro that was based on Slackware and used xfce as the DE. Worked great on my older equipment. Wish it had continued. Vector
  15. kc1di

    Unable to acess bios screen

    Yep, the HP I was fixing for a friend uses F10 also for bios. But as brickwizard said you have to be quick. :)
  16. kc1di


    Hi lagosx, Which Distribution are you using? I find it easier to use playonlinux - It's available in most distros. With it you can install programs and even different wine version if you need to. Also has a good list of libraries that may be needed to run some programs. Not all programs will...
  17. kc1di

    Need help choosing a distro

    I can not be of much help since I don't do Python programing but this page may give you some ideas. Distros for Python
  18. kc1di

    Books to read on Linux?

    if you want instruction in command line then I would suggest this free resource Linux Fu As far as books go Running Linux by Matthias Kalle Dalheimer, Matt Welsh it's old but still good reference.
  19. kc1di

    Connected but no internet

    If you choose to reinstall as suggested by Sunil1991 download the non-free version it will have the drivers you need.
  20. kc1di

    Connected but no internet

    Brickwizard is right Realtek can be a real pain to get going. A couple things that may be of help Make sure secure boot is turned off. It can block some wifi drivers. on most Lenovo's the hardblock means there is a combination of F keys that need to be pushed to turn the card on. On my thinkpad...