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  1. DexTheDog

    Jriver media software

    Has anyone used jrivers media player?I just tried it and has a nice UI and works with linux a little costly but it is a program not a OS like kodi.
  2. DexTheDog

    (SOLVED) Laptop touchpad drivers

    So I am getting a HP Stream 11-inch HD Laptop (4 Gb of Ram 32 Gb hard drive) that has windows preinstalled I am planing on switching to Ubuntu or Mint. Both of these operating systems support live boot from a usb I am wondering if I could use this to check to see if it would natively support the...
  3. DexTheDog

    Hardware Preferences

    I have already made a post similar to this ( ) as seen on this post almost all people have different preferences.I would be interested to know what specs persons run. On my signature I have a link to a list of my components.
  4. DexTheDog

    I loved my floppydrive space

    does anyone else prefer the old fllopy drive bays for mounting hard drives?
  5. DexTheDog


    A thread for KGIII(post your fav car pics and info)
  6. DexTheDog

    Mint Debian

    Does anyone use Linux Mint Debian? from what I know most people don't know or use Debian Mint. I think it is LTS though
  7. DexTheDog

    What is your favorite pi OS

    Mine is twister but I am always open to trying new Operating Systems.
  8. DexTheDog

    Petroleum Sanding

    I know this sounds weird but for sanding plastic and glass I do water sanding but with petroleum jelly any opinions?
  9. DexTheDog

    RasperyPi 4 Use Ideas

    I have just ordered a RasperyPi 4 from amazon I already have a RasperyPi model B reversion 2. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas for what I could do with my old Pi?
  10. DexTheDog

    PC component brands

    Just wondering what you would choose my first pc had a intel 1st gen i7 and amd gpu I think I am not shr about the gpu but so I am a intel loyalist. So I am just wondering what brand people would choose?
  11. DexTheDog


    Hello my name is Zachary Ashland my username is based on my dogs name Dexter I am going to try and link this page on my posts so people can now my system info. I am a relatively new Linux user but I have used PCs for a while I started with a Win 7 Machine but when I got Win 10 I got...
  12. DexTheDog

    Fuzzy Balls

    Has anyone here played tennis and if so what is your fav tennis ball brand?
  13. DexTheDog

    1 command 2 VM's?

    On a VM the "top" GPU ram amount is like 128 Mb but using the terminal you can set it to 256 Mb so my question is and I have not tried this yet but can you run a VM in a VM and so run two 128 Mb VM's in a 256 Mb VM? In reality, there is no point in doing this but still?
  14. DexTheDog

    I am going to try making a linux based unity game.

    If you would mind it would be nice if you were a linux gamer if you would leave a idea fo the game type.
  15. DexTheDog

    Search Engine Preferences

    On my Linux drive, I use DuckDuckGo but I am wondering what other users' opinions are?
  16. DexTheDog

    [Solved] GPU Drivers in a VM

    Hello, I just switched to Linux mint cinnamon. I still have a win 10 drive for gaming but I am trying to go full Linux though and game on a win 10 VM. Does anyone know how do get a GPU to show up? And I am aware Wine is a thing.