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  1. sam444

    Today's article is all about checking disk health...

    I've never placed much faith in these "Disk Health Tools", everything fails eventually...sometimes without warning, the best thing I've found is to create an Image of the System every month or so...stored on an External HDD or two. :) Should the HDD/SSD fail, it's a simple matter to put the...
  2. sam444

    My experience with Linux !

    The best part about Linux is the Freedom to do whatever you like on your own Computer...enjoy.
  3. sam444

    External HDD for BOTH Windows and Linux

    Any External HDD will work. I have several 3TB and 4TB USB 3 External HDDs and all are NTFS (came like that) and work just fine...better in Linux than windwoes. :) It's important to note that when you plug in a brand new External HDD into a linux system, it opens and works strait away...unlike...
  4. sam444

    It's time for a poll. How long have you used Linux?

    It's time to say good-bye to Macrium Rescue Media for Linux, the other day I tried to install the new version (8) on my win 7 VM. I got a massage need a newer version of windwoes to install this software...mmm that sounds familiar doesn't it. Anyway it'll be a cold day in Hell...
  5. sam444

    Microsoft’s New Linux Distro Is a Warning Shot at Red Hat

    microsuck is also "partnered" with Canonical and we all know what that means which is a very good reason to avoid Ubuntu too.
  6. sam444

    Australia - The Land Down Under

    Here's one of our lovely and very cute spiders, isn't she nice. upload pic
  7. sam444

    Trouble with dual boot

    I never Dual-Boot and never have any problems. If you must run windwoes, do it as a VM with Virtualbox on your Linux Desktop...not only will it not screw your boot loader, but microsuck can't see inside your computer (most improtant) as a VM is a file not a physical Drive.
  8. sam444

    Nasty Security flaw in Systemd

    Updates installed today, just goes to show how important keeping your system up to date is.
  9. sam444

    Today's article is all about balenaEtcher...

    I've used this for a long time for Linux ISOs and it works great, don't use windwoes so wouldn't know about that.
  10. sam444

    Australia - The Land Down Under

    The worst part is when you finally get through, they transfer your call to an overseas call centre and you can't understand what they say.
  11. sam444

    Linux Mint 20.2

    On one SSD I'm running Cinnamon 20.1 which is supported till 2025, so there's no hurry.
  12. sam444

    Homepage icons are skewed across the page, background is black

    Once Linux Mint is installed on your HDD or SSD, Mint tells you remove the Flash Drive and press Enter...then your computer will re-start, then enter your password...hit're now running Linux Mint. To help you understand more about Linux Mint, have a look at this...
  13. sam444

    Homepage icons are skewed across the page, background is black

    I'm no expert but two things stand out to 18 is long should be using 20.1 and it works great. Two...what you see on your Desktop is the result of Bleachbit, wonderful isn't it. :eek: Bleachbit acts like a wrecking ball and the damage can't be fixed, so a clean...
  14. sam444

    I'm Confused. I need help understanding THREADS-MAX and other elements.

    Hey condobloke, how dare you have a sense of humour.
  15. sam444

    Does Linux have any good tools to read problem external hard drives

    HDD testing tools, this reminds me of what happens when you put your faith in such tools. A few years back (windoze) I had several Western Digital HDDs and Seagate HDDs...I had both manufacturers HDD testing tools and I would run them from time to time...I always got the same result...HDD is...
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    a place to post stuff like this.

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    a place to post stuff like this.

    My favourite...
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    a place to post stuff like this.

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    a place to post stuff like this.

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    a place to post stuff like this.