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  1. GNU Linux

    Post Your Desktop!

    Even newer setup (the Ubuntu dock was killing me.) ARC menu and dash to panel w/ other stuff:
  2. GNU Linux

    Post Your Desktop!

    My new Ubuntu Desktop w/ Papirus icon theme and Adapta Nocto theme On my other crappy laptop.
  3. GNU Linux

    How can I start a python program out of a python program?

    This is more of a Python question than a Linux question...
  4. GNU Linux

    Multiboot Question

    If you are dual bootin' because it has a different DE (KDE,GNOME) then consider installing multiple DEs: like: sudo apt install xfce4 sudo apt install cinnamon-desktop-environment
  5. GNU Linux

    Post Your Desktop!

    My desktop looks something like this:-
  6. GNU Linux

    Right click with MacBook?

    I did't had any problems with right-clicking on a iMac.....I just use two fingers to do it.....
  7. GNU Linux

    Windows 8

    GNU/Linux is faster than Windows and is more secure.......Boot times are a pain if you dual-boot Linux/Windows...:(
  8. GNU Linux

    AMD Ryzen with Linux.

    I've decided to play it safe and get a Intel Core i7 X-series in January....;)
  9. GNU Linux

    AMD Ryzen with Linux.

    I found other bugs as well but they are only seen on 1-gen Ryzen...............hope they are fixed now! https://community.amd.com/thread/225795
  10. GNU Linux

    AMD Ryzen with Linux.

    No, they only want money...they don't care about customers!
  11. GNU Linux

    AMD Ryzen with Linux.

    If Ubuntu 18.04 works....will other distros like Fedora, Arch and Solus work? I have a habit of installing a lot of distros ^_^
  12. GNU Linux

    AMD Ryzen with Linux.

    There some faults with Ryzen/GCC that causes some problem ....I also found a test that Ryzen fails to execute: https://github.com/suaefar/ryzen-test
  13. GNU Linux

    AMD Ryzen with Linux.

    Compatibility issues with AMD Ryzen.
  14. GNU Linux

    Linux.org laptop stickers

    For a second I thought this was a comedy forum!!!