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    Help with sudo apt-get update

    I keep trying to update through the terminal and this is was it outputting. Also when I launch my appstore it keeps coming up with failed to fetch updates message over and over. Im running the most recent release of Elementary OS. [email protected]:~$ sudo apt-get update [sudo] password for devyn...
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    Skyrim (Steam Play) not detecting my graphics card

    When I launch skyrim, the launcher only shows my onboard graphics, and doesnt show my AMD graphics card. It launches but runs unbearably slow. Anyone have a fix? https://imgur.com/FPSdikE
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    Series 7 CHRONOS Laptop Brightness Problem

    So my laptop will only be in full brightness when I turn on and boot up while its plugged in to the power. If I turn it on while it not plugged in, the screen is stuck not so bright. This was fixed previously when I had windows 10 installed by changing something in the registry. I forget what it...