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    Network unreachable without GUI?

    Indeed, there's a difference here, so Ubuntu Desktop uses Network Manager or something like that while Ubuntu Server uses Networkd or something like that :) (sorry network noob here) Bit even with this difference, when I do ip addr I see the same configuration which in my head, that was the...
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    Network unreachable without GUI?

    Yeah I agree with u, but the funny thing is, they are using the exact some configuration... :/
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    Network unreachable without GUI?

    Hello, I have a proxmox setup with a Routed interface vmbr0. I've given this interface to a Windows VM and configured the network there with the correct subnet, ip and gateway. Windows is accessing goodly the network. I've done the same thing on a Ubuntu 20 with Desktop, again working goodly...
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    Assign an External IP to VM's

    Hello, I have a host using proxmox in which I have 1 main IP and a /27 IP Block. What I want is that the host uses it's IP address and the IP Block is for the VM's that I will put on top. I've managed to setup this, somewhat, to work but I have to manually go into the VM's and set them up with...