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    Mint won’t Boot.

    I have a Mac Book Pro 2009 and I completely formatted the HD for Linux. I never got it to work that well and now at boot all I get is: Failed to set MoklistRT: Invalid Parameter There is a few more lines about moklist then Continuing boot since secure mode is disabled. I would like to know how...
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    Change Distros

    I managed to install Ubuntu on my MacBook Pro Mid 2009 but the install was not 100%. I get a - Failed to set MokListRT... message. I've looked it up and others with an old Mac have the same problem. What I want to do now is remove Ubuntu and go back to Mint. I have Mint on USB but I don't know...
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    macbook pro 13 mid 2009 reinstall

    I had installed Mint onto my Mac and it worked OK but after an update Mint would not even load. Thought I would strip the Mac of its OS and go completely with Linux. I watched some videos and it looked easy enough. Would not work. I then tried to remove Linux by removing the partition and Disk...