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    Oops, wrong hat ??

    Hi there, Greetings from Downunder. I have been wanting a quad SATA hat for my NAS needs at home. I found this hat and thought 'yaaaay' problem solved. Then after the order was processed I noticed that The hat was for a rock pi and not a raspberry pi. I then fished about and read some...
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    I want a raspberry pi 4 + web server + nas +raid 1 + PERSONAL MAIL SERVER + VPN

    I brought myself an 8GB raspberry pi 4 with a view to put all of the above on my raspberry pi. So far I have OMV up and running and installed apache. Now all I need to do is get it up on the web. I also have a problem with connecting my 2 480GB WD green SSD's to The pi. I finally got both...