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    Freeze-ups while using Linux Mint in LiveCD mode

    So I use Linux Mint 18.3 Mate in LiveCD mode for online shopping/banking. During a one hour session I am encountering multiple freezes, where the keyboard and/or mouse stops responding, and I can hear the spin of the DVD burner speed up. Sometimes (but not always) I get a popup saying this page...
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    How to 'install' Waterfox on Linux Mint 18.3 Mate LiveCD?

    So the deal is I use Linux Mint in LiveCD mode for online banking/shopping. I detest its default browser (Firefox), so the first thing I do is install Chromium, and then uninstall Firefox. Problem being I'm not a fan of Chromium either, and it does not work well with some sites, so I need...
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    A custom build may be in the works!

    I have a CM Storm Trooper case that has been gathering dust for some years, and I have decided it is either time to use it, or lose it. If there are any hardware aficionados here that would want to check over my parts-list for potential Linux problems/incompatibilities, I would appreciate your...