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    Upgrade PHP Version on CentOS-7

    The rpmfusion epel7 repo has PHP 7.x also.
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    What VMWare programs are available in Mint 20

    VirtualBox run 64 bit VMs, assuming you have a 64bit host. There is also libvirtd, QEMU/KVM.
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    Need Linux command to reset / restart printer
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    Text Editors

    It seems most of this is copied from jed.
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    Text Editors

    jed isn't bad for people familair with windows notepad. There was a copy of it called tilde. vi may be a pain to learn, but once you learn it, it's fast and powerful. Then there is also emacs.
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    Users on a system

    As a rule, you don't change permissions on directories, you change ownership by either user or group (sometimes both). You would use chown instead of chmod. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "print file". But any file can have ACL permissions or ownership permissions.
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    where do I change which gpu to use on the kde desktop environment?

    It depends on 3 things.... dnf info mate-optimus Available Packages Name : mate-optimus Version : 20.04.0 Release : 3.fc34 Architecture : noarch Size : 28 k Source : mate-optimus-20.04.0-3.fc34.src.rpm Repository : fedora Summary : NVIDIA Optimus GPU...
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    [Solved] GPU Drivers in a VM

    I have seen this. But I am using wifi for a Proxmox VM. (PVE 6.2) However I only have one video card, so I haven't tried video.
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    Wayland Now that KDE is supported by Wayland, I may give it a try.
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    Multiple Hard Drives and how to put applications on the drive where you want them

    This seems to be a browser setting more than anything else. In Firefox you set it here.
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    Fedora 34 is Finally Here

    I used this method. I had a wine library conflict. I had to remove wine. Then it worked. I was able to re-install wine after the upgrade.
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    Fedora 34 is Finally Here

    Upgraded today.
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    BTRFS; How is it like to?

    Interesting, might have to give this a try.
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    Ever needed to change an RPM to a DEB?

    I've had mixed results with this. It "usually" works, but not always.
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    Unix-Like Systems Discussion

    I've used AIX, Solaris, NextOS, Multiple flavors of BSD, and of course the Penguin. Each has pro's and con's, typically with either hardware cost (IBM POwer 7 or Power 8 platform) Sun Itanium, Sparc, or Intel platform. BSD isn't bad. It seems to have a slightly higher learning curve in my...
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    What is SystemD and the Controversy Regarding it? [Solved]

    98% of the server market is not "most tech companies"?
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    Convert linux documents to mac or windows format

    Click on "Save As..." At the bottom of the directory window you will see a drop down menu. Click on this, it should give you several Microsoft options.
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    How to's regarding Fedora

    In your first picture above, I see the little "Gnome Eye" inside your authentication window. Click on that.
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    That might be true, I haven't tried it.
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    What is SystemD and the Controversy Regarding it? [Solved]

    I didn't know there were any distro's still using sysVinit. It's been years since I've ran sysVinit commands. I know there is still some software that wants you to use rcinit.d But most newer software apps use the systemd service files.