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    Error “nothing to be done for x86_64_def” when trying to configure kernel

    You cross posted everywhere and you didn't even read the answer you got out there... The make target you are using doesn't exist. You book is...
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    File sharing

    It probably tied to the same problem. I think you missed a part of my last message : make sure that smb.conf has the same network group as your windows machines. Its in smb.conf [global] ... workgroup = WORKGROUP ... Eventually give us the output of the following command after trying to...
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    Debian 10 wifi connection

    Well if you feel that the situation is OK that's great ^^ it will take some time to figure out what's going on that's what I'm saying. Put the log in a text file, upload it here for example and give us the link to the file.
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    DNS system - Nameservers vs A record. Can use any of these two to change my hosting?

    I didn't really understand your situation. Here's a DNS system big picture : There are root DNS server out there handled by a big institution : the ICANN. These server are basically here to tell other DNS servers what are the legitimates DNS servers. Their IP addresses are fixed and published...
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    Transfer Pics from Iphone to Linux PC

    Sad ! Most ISP router are limited at some point. I always use a custom router behind it, with the ISP device set as bridge, and a custom AP. When possible I totally remove the their hardware with a custom modem if I can get my end on the right credentials. This way I can set a rock solid network...
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    Transfer Pics from Iphone to Linux PC

    Is this a public vpn or a private one ? Public VPN will probably prevent peers from seeing each other. You need a private VPN but you will hardly find one free. You are left with these options : set or buy a private VPN figure out how to disable port isolation on your router (if its even...
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    Arecord problem

    So now there's an input/output error... Did anything change between now and the last tests ? The problem is that Microphones stay off while recording. I am going to need more time to investigate on dpam. There's probably a trigger that is not working.
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    Transfer Pics from Iphone to Linux PC

    I don't think that your phone will detect the router as a network device if you plug it with USB. This router is crap :/ If we focus on the File transfer app problem an another option is to set the same vpn on your phone and on your desktop. They will be on the same virtual local network so it...
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    Transfer Pics from Iphone to Linux PC

    The problem is that your router wont mix ethernet with wifi. The workarround would be to put all you devices on a subdevice. I made a small schema photo of a WiFi access point, just to make it visual :
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    Arecord problem

    What does the following command output $ arecord -D CssCaptureHeadset -d 10 -v /tmp/test_headset.wav & sleep 1 && cat /sys/devices/snd-dvf99-mach-drv.8/dvf99_dai_link.1/dapm_widget Maybe the audio components are not enabled because of dapm.
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    Transfer Pics from Iphone to Linux PC

    Thx, the "Requests" tab would have been more useful tho ^^ Ok so after some searches this is definetly an AP isolation issue. The problem is that your device's admin config is locked. There are some threads out there describing how to gain full admin access but it might take time...
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    Arecord problem

    Were all the recordings empty ?
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    Bash: Get PID of windows application and detect when it is closed

    Always good to practice the weird Bash syntax ^^
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    Arecord problem

    This is weird since the snd_pcm_open succeed. What about $ arecord -D CssCaptureHeadset -v /tmp/test_headset.wav $ arecord -D CssCaptureHandset -v /tmp/test_handset.wav $ arecord -D CssCaptureHandsfree -v /tmp/test_handsfree.wav $ arecord -D CSR_Capture_Bluetooth -v /tmp/test_bluetooth.wav
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    Transfer Pics from Iphone to Linux PC

    Hello ! Is this an actual IP adresse ? Or is it some DNS with a number as parameter ? When you enter the URL, what is the message displayed ? Did you try to inspect the page on your browser, move to network tab, and refresh ? That would be helpful because maybe you are reaching the phone but...
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    Hello there ! General introduction...

    Hello, I came here to get some help on a specific problem (that I will solve one day like I always did... one day) and I ended up trying to help a lot of people here so let me tell you a bit more about myself, or a lot more ? I've been coding for 14 years now, I started quite young. It all...
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    File sharing

    The problem for me is that you didn't tell us what you did and didn't provide the actual configuration you are using or any log file. We are good at guessing but we are simple human beings. For what I remember Samba works out of the box. Make sure you set the same workgroup in the samba...
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    No sound on all Snapcraft application

    Hello, I think its all related to the fact that alsa lib can't read the alsa configuration entry poin which is /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf. I've looked at the alsa lib source code and unfortunatly there are no logging of the errno on the "stat" function call that fails so we won't be able to...
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    Too slow transfer files to usb pendrive

    Hello, As seen on another thread it's because of the system's IO cache. It looks like you are writing data really fast but in fact you a only filling the system's cache. Then you have to wait for the system to finish the transfer from the cache to the pendrive.
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    How to connect to a server via ssh once and collect various commands into separate variables

    Hello, First the way you deal with errors is prone to bugs. You make a first call just to check if you can connect, but if it fails you will still call 6 times a command that won't work. You don't check errors on the following commands but any could fail. In your errors handling : you are...