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  1. dotKer

    restoring tables and their records in restoring a database

    When I type the above in Shell, it produces the following. I hope you notice there is a table "testTB" and 2 records in the quote above. I like to restore the database "testDB" above. So I made a database "testDB" like the following. And I did the following. As I enter the password...
  2. dotKer

    put mysqldump file into a directory

    The shell script above works fine. I like to make it in a directory "myBackup". So I did the following shell script But it says "Permission denied" like the above. What is the problems? How can I put "testDB.sql" into "myBackup" directory?
  3. dotKer

    The meaning of "\n" and " \l"

    The below is coming from shell script [email protected]:~$ cat /etc/issue Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS \n \l Ubuntu 18.04.3 is version name LTS means Long Term Support What does it mean by "n" and "\l" each?
  4. dotKer

    difference between dot f and no dot

    The above is coming from shell. if you look at the below, you can see the difference between the 1st line which has no dot and the 2nd line which has dot. But the result is same. What is the meaning of the dot(.) in the 2nd line?
  5. dotKer

    finding a drectory in file system

    linux xubuntu
  6. dotKer

    finding a drectory in file system

    No, I haven't. I am googling it at the moment.
  7. dotKer

    finding a drectory in file system

    if I open file system(/), I can see that 20 directories and 5 files are in the root(/). I like to find a directory with the name of it. For example, there is a directory named "grub" in the directory "/bin". So the location of the directory "grub" is "/bin/grub". Let's suppose I don't know...
  8. dotKer

    create a database

    (1) I installed xubuntu. (2) I installed Apache. (3) I installed PHP (4) I installed mySQL The php version is 7.2. and the below shows the version of the Apache and mySQl. I am going to mysql with the code below. And I am checking whether the mysql work correctly or not with the below. So...
  9. dotKer

    setting mysql root password

    mysql> update user set Password=PASSWORD('******') WHERE User='root'; ERROR 1054 (42S22): Unknown column 'Password' in 'field list' mysql> describe user; +------------------------+-----------------------------------+------+-----+-----------------------+-------+ | Field | Type...
  10. dotKer

    setting mysql root password

    My presume was, I think again, wrong, so I did it again in slightly different way. The following is the copy of the whole shell. [email protected]:~$ mysql -u root ERROR 1698 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' [email protected]:~$ sudo mysql -u root [sudo] dotker의 암호...
  11. dotKer

    setting mysql root password

    Method 1: I presume the above is the below. Method 1: As I do the above and enter, it says the below mysql> -u root -> it is different from the below what I expected.\ mysql> -u root mysql> I am afraid that I don't know what is wrong. For typing the following, it needs "mysql"...
  12. dotKer

    setting mysql root password

    (1) install xubuntu (2) install Apache (3) install mysql I did the above one by one. I have to set mysql root password. but I failed in setting mysql root password. if I enter the following, expecting "enter password?" It says the following intead of "enter password?" I don't know what I did...
  13. dotKer

    installing mySQL

    when I enter the following it says the following which is translated by myself from my mother-tongue to Enlgish How can I make it work?
  14. dotKer

    conforming available space

    Thank you, arochester, for the link which suggest the command "df -h" As I enter "df-h", It shows the following but I am afraid that I can't understand it. Where is total size? Where is used size? Where is avaiable size?
  15. dotKer

    conforming available space

    In window, If I do right-click on C:, - and open Attribute, I can get the information about total space, used space,and available space. Total space= used space+available space I like to conform how many space is now available on xubuntu. How can I check the total space, used space, and...
  16. dotKer

    installing mySQL

    Then I like to install Maria DB instead of mySQL. In order to install Maria DB, What shell command should I type? The following code is would-be code which is not tested, but I think it shows what I want. $ sudo apt install Maria Db-server Does the code above work correctly for installing...
  17. dotKer

    installing mySQL

    I installed apache 2 days ago, and PHP 1 day ago. Today I like to install mySQL. if I type the following in the shell, is it install mySQL? sudo apt install mySQL
  18. dotKer

    Hello, everyone

    Some years ago, I made a web server which runs apache, php, and mySQL on my window computer. The web server is, I remember, installed by almost one-click. Now I forgot how to install it and where I get the installation software. I did study PHP, and mySQL with the server. However I found that...
  19. dotKer

    set screen lock time on xubuntu

    I like to make my computer monitor to be black screen after 60 seconds if I don't click or type anything for that time. Can I make it on xubuntu?
  20. dotKer

    installing PHP on Xubuntu after apache installation

    (Q1) what does it mean by apt? What is the full word for "apt"? (Q2) How can I just use the default apt install?