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    MX Linux 19.3 KDE Plasma and LTspiceXVII with Wine

    HI All I was trying to run LTspiceXVII software in MX Linux 19.3 KDE using Wine version 5.8. Everything works fine, but simulation editor window shows the text is blurred and not showing the settings correctly. I was wondering do I need to install any extra windows libraries. LTspiceXVII is not...
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    MX Linux 19.3 KDE Plasma

    Hi Friends I have recently installed MX Linux 19.3 KDE on my laptop. The laptop model is Dell XPS L502X. MX Linux KDE OS is running great in my laptop, only one problem I am facing is the display driver, I am not able to get the HDMI driver for this laptop. Any one got any idea to get the...
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    Lubuntu for old laptop

    Hi Have recently used Linux Lubuntu on my old laptop. Its good experience, the laptop is working great, but the interface is not that great. I would like to know from other members is there any other Linux distributions better than Lubuntu, which can run in old laptop. I have also created a...