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  1. wizardfromoz

    What it do

    So dare I ask - how did the ops go, or is that secret women's business? Good to have you back, anyway. :) Chris
  2. wizardfromoz

    ok guys, I'm back and need help, imagine that...

    G'day Kari, good to have you back, I'll swing by your Intro thread later. If we take it as a given that you are committed to Linux now, then I have a totally Linux solution that I use quite often. It is known as Multisystem. It is a French product, but you do not have to speak French to use...
  3. wizardfromoz

    Where to start. Total noob. I have a goal, but need machine advice.

    I am inclined to agree, Sydney friend. :) I have to leave shortly to cook tea, but will take a closer look in my morning, or David @KGIII may act while I am catching zzz's. @fx9 on Timeshift, you can take a look at my Thread here...
  4. wizardfromoz

    PCSX2 Problems/Inconsistencies (Debian VS Manjaro, 1.4 vs 1.5 & 1.6)

    OK, well I'm passing through anyway, so hang on to your hats, fasten seatbelts and we'll take Wizard's Magic Carpet Ride to Linux Gaming No smoking in flight, refreshments available. Wiz BTW good luck with the simulator, @Fanboi :)
  5. wizardfromoz

    Getting hardware information from Linux to help Forum Helpers

    @Fanboi , reading your Posts here has prompted me to modify the original Thread Title, from ending with "forum staff" to "Forum Helpers". I know the OP, Ryan would not mind. I am not sure of the situation back in 2014, but the last 4 years I have been here, we have seen a situation develop...
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    PCSX2 Problems/Inconsistencies (Debian VS Manjaro, 1.4 vs 1.5 & 1.6)

    G'day @Fanboi and welcome to :) from DownUnder. Not being a Gamer for most of the last 20 years, I had to read a bit to pick up that this was to do with a PlayStation simulator. I am wondering whether our Linux Gaming subforum might be a better spot. Some of the people who frequent...
  7. wizardfromoz

    Complete filesystem failure, S.M.A.R.T report OK

    I haven't any Btrfs Distros in my stable, so all my experience with it (since around 1 October 2014) has been on the Rsync option. I have possibly used it 2,000 times, and in that experience only had one problem, in the early days, where I managed to morph Ubuntu 14.04 and Zorin OS9 into one...
  8. wizardfromoz

    Complete filesystem failure, S.M.A.R.T report OK

    OK, so if then his Ubuntu is working OK now, but there are unanswered questions on the reliability of the rig. Is that the case? If so, I would run a complete snapshot with Timeshift (if he is using 20.04 then it is in the Software Store), stored externally, if that can be done. I'll just...
  9. wizardfromoz

    getting Error while running python script

    Moving this to Command Line, where scripting inquiries are also handled. Good luck Chris Turner wizardfromoz
  10. wizardfromoz

    Realtek Wifi 8822ce Kali Linux driver help

    @Repo1o1 , Hello and welcome to May I ask, did you read before posting in this Section? Chris Turner wizardfromoz
  11. wizardfromoz

    CPU level security threat. How can we protect ourselves?

    My mistake, I live in hope. The bottom line is the same, I am leaving for my evening, and I do not expect to see you in this Thread tomorrow, unless you can be civil. Good night Wizard
  12. wizardfromoz

    Complete filesystem failure, S.M.A.R.T report OK

    Regrets, Sam, I have come to this late in my day, after trying to help settle a duel with pistols at 20 paces, it seems. :) I'll respond in more detail on my tomorrow, dinner time here in Oz. Wizard
  13. wizardfromoz

    CPU level security threat. How can we protect ourselves?

    Knock it off @Linuxembourg . At #40, you said If you don't agree with subsequent Posts by the OP, then vote with your feet and take no further part in this Thread. I do not plan to repeat myself. Thank you. Chris Turner wizardfromoz
  14. wizardfromoz

    Kali Linux high cpu usage

    Moving this to Kali subforum, where it should be. Good luck. Note change of venue @Peer , @captain-sensible Wizard
  15. wizardfromoz

    Complete filesystem failure, S.M.A.R.T report OK

    G'day Sam. You could get him to install Gecko, it's pretty reliable :) Just kidding, but you can install Timeshift on Gecko. It's worth its weight in gold. Just Photorec, or TestDisk? Both TestDisk and PhotoRec are by Christophe Grenier and usually go hand in hand, but Photorec is...
  16. wizardfromoz

    Where did your username come from?

    No harm, no foul :)
  17. wizardfromoz

    Getting started suggestions

    Quite likely. I was more thinking of Timeshift, which application's snapshots are best stored on a separate drive. Then if a drive fails, or a Distro is borked, you can easily restore it from where it is stored off drive. The choices are of course yours, but if your budget and your skill set...
  18. wizardfromoz

    Where did your username come from?

    @SpongebobFan1994 and @Hillbilly H - fellas I've removed your last 2 Posts, as I have modified the Post by @f33dm3bits earlier that led to same, so they are now redundant. Do note that while Off Topic is a relaxing and relaxed place, nevertheless we DO have juveniles aged 13 and 14, (and their...
  19. wizardfromoz

    Getting started suggestions

    G'day "Junior" (you are 13 days my junior :)) and welcome to, from DownUnder. RAM is not an issue here, so any Linux will run on that baby. Mint and Debian are solid choices, Debian has a little more of a learning curve, but you may not worry about that. SSD - size? And is it in...
  20. wizardfromoz

    How Do I Not Come Off as Holier-Than-Thou to People?

    Do say? I have it :), as I have mentioned at Andy's Thread here I found Pretending to be Normal: Living with Asperger's Syndrome Book by Liane Holliday Willey to be a good read. Just for accuracy, and...