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  1. TechnoJunky

    I have a problem with bootable usb flash

    I'm curious why you installed gparted and then used the command line instead to do the work. Gparted is a gui tool for doing the work you typed later. Have you taken the steps outlined in the picture you posted above? Namely running chkdisk /f from your Windows computer? I think you'd...
  2. TechnoJunky

    File sharing

    You have to modify the file using elevated rights. In Windows, you have an account that can automatically elevate to admin by clicking that approve button in the popups. Some Linux apps allow this but most need to be started with elevated rights. So in order to edit the smb.conf file you need...
  3. TechnoJunky

    OMG ! UBUNTU !...Microsoft is Bringing exFAT to the Linux Kernel (And No-One’s Getting Sued)

    It's not GNU/Linux but it's close.
  4. TechnoJunky

    Out of the frying pan into the Fire with LAN cards.

    Not to take away from Dos2unix' questions, but yes you can add another NIC and use it instead of the onboard. But answer the above questions, Dos2unix might be able to help you with the onboard one and save you some cash.
  5. TechnoJunky

    Something Other Than Linux/Drafting Table

    From the pictures at the site, it looks like you have 2 main arms that make a V, the bottom one has teeth. Then there's the middle, small arm that runs between them, keeping them separated. It looks like you have to pick up this middle arm (with your fingers?) so it's not touching the teeth...
  6. TechnoJunky

    uuencode is posting the attachment in mail box instead of sending as an attachment. - Help needed

    They made lots of changes in RHEL 7. You may be able to fix it at the server level, but most likely need to fix it at the script level. You should be able to do this using a script easily though. I know this is odd to say on a Linux forum, but I could do what you're asking using VBScript in...
  7. TechnoJunky

    Connecting to the Internet

    You said you have an onboard modem. So you connect to the internet over the phone line (dial-up internet)? I don't have any experience here, so I can't help. However, I'm sure that others on the forum have used it and can assist with how to.
  8. TechnoJunky

    Connecting to the Internet

    Don't bother downloading any more ISOs, that's not the problem. I think this line in your post is a bit confusing, "I set up a PPPoE connection and it just shows the when used as never.". It sounds (to me) like you are running an app that is telling your modem to connect to your internet...
  9. TechnoJunky

    list of the basics?

    - How is the file system built? where is the standard folder for softwares etc. - Filesystem is Unix based, Ext4 format (should be your choice) - How do I install software with different file extensions? - in Linux you don't have file extensions to worry about. Unless you need something...
  10. TechnoJunky

    Need help

    There are a lot of options for downloading Linux. My suggestion is to start with Mint. It's probably the easiest to use for beginners, and intermediates as well. It also seems to support the most hardware. You can download it by using the link at the top of this webpage, Download Linux...
  11. TechnoJunky

    Cost of Linux sound Outrageous ?

    While JasKinasis is technically correct, that Linux is 100%, not all Linux comes without a cost. You can't get Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) for free. In order to get it, you have to have a subscription for support with the company. Many corporations use RHEL because of that support. This...
  12. TechnoJunky

    Boot menu with obsolete options

    Go into your Bios, under the boot options section and see if you have those options there. On my Dell laptop, I've installed several different distros and the bios hangs onto that info. Every now and I again I need to go in and delete the obsolete distros. As far as deleting partitions, it's...
  13. TechnoJunky

    403 Forbidden error

    The issue was not the raid array, but a permission in the directory structure. I had mounted the raid at /mnt/md0 and set the permissions for md0 to 770. The 0 was the problem. I changed it to 771 and now the web page loads as it should.
  14. TechnoJunky

    installing apache on xubuntu

    when you started nano, did you start the command out with sudo? The Index.html file can only be modified with root privileges. So you type, sudo nano /var/www/html/index.html, in terminal to edit the index.html file
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    OMG ! UBUNTU !...Microsoft is Bringing exFAT to the Linux Kernel (And No-One’s Getting Sued)

    No one is getting sued yet. I don't trust anything Microsoft does when it comes to Linux. MS is famous for befriending competing apps, then devouring them and making them part of MS, wanted or not.
  16. TechnoJunky

    installing apache on xubuntu

    Before you do anything to any file, you should back it up first. So in Terminal, type, cp /var/www/html/index.html /var/www/html/index.original. CP is the copy command. For everything I tell you here, you don't need to do the CD first, but you can if you want. Nano is a text editor. sudo...
  17. TechnoJunky

    Installing Kali linux on a logical partition

    Why are you choosing Kali? What kind of computer are you trying to install it on? Laptop, desktop, make, model? Are you wanting to dual boot with Windows or will Kali be the only OS on the computer?
  18. TechnoJunky

    Booting from external ssd

    Well, because Surface is made by Microsoft, I would assume that MS has locked things down so that it can only run Windows. YOu can try turning off Secure Boot in the BIOS, if it has an option to. That might allow it to boot to Ext4. But you may be stuck with a Fat32 primary partition. But...
  19. TechnoJunky

    Mint 18 Sleep Mode

    Actually I have had to deal with power supply issues. The last complete computer I bought was back in 2000. Ever since then (and even before that computer), I've only upgraded pieces of the computer. I've had some power supplies that lasted long and some that didn't. I definitely suggest...
  20. TechnoJunky

    Which Linux do you use?

    Any time Poorguy.