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  1. Rob

    Ubuntu server shutdown by itself

    Is this a laptop?
  2. Rob

    I need help learning Linux

    Also, just get in and mess around with it. Sometimes that's the best way to learn.
  3. Rob

    Catch me live for an hour or so on YouTube to "Talk Linux Stuff"

    I didn't do it this week lol.. I was going to, but the turnout was so low last week I couldn't muster it for tonight :) I should have... maybe every other week to start.. and i'll promote next week's a little better lol.
  4. Rob

    Option to ignore specific content

    I'll check em out and see how their reviews are. I like to keep it mostly "stock" for security reasons (plus, in case the dev stops updating). Thanks man! Rob
  5. Rob

    Catch me live for an hour or so on YouTube to "Talk Linux Stuff"

    In the chat one was from my work.. another was from my cooking youtube channel lol. No one else talked in the chat :)
  6. Rob

    Beginner questions for people with Linux experience

    Hey Dstar, welcome to! Yep, you can use open office as Wiz said, or you can give LibreOffice a shot since it's a fork and (maybe) better. It'd be similar and have all of the tools you're used to in Open Office. As far as a good distribution to start with, Kali would not be it...
  7. Rob

    Catch me live for an hour or so on YouTube to "Talk Linux Stuff"

    I saw JUST as I hit end broadcast lol.. otherwise I would have kept it open. It only had 2-3 people the whole time haha :)
  8. Rob

    Catch me live for an hour or so on YouTube to "Talk Linux Stuff"

    haha i know :) Yep, it'll be recorded. We're just going to talk about whatever the chat brings up though, so if no one shows up, i'll probably not keep it up :)
  9. Rob

    Catch me live for an hour or so on YouTube to "Talk Linux Stuff"

    lol - well, you gotta fix that :)
  10. Rob

    Catch me live for an hour or so on YouTube to "Talk Linux Stuff"

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of starting a weekly live hangout type thing on YouTube where I can hopefully answer some questions or just talk about whatever anyone in the chat wants to talk about. I have a YouTube channel where i've been uploading some tutorials and i'd use that for this live. I'll...
  11. Rob

    "No such file or directory"

    Yep - I agree with khedger. Test your remote connection first with ssh. Then cd into the directory where you want to copy things and run a pwd to see the directory path. Then use that path in your macbook when you're using scp as the remote directory.
  12. Rob

    Creepy, Invasive Ads

    Hey there - we only use google adsense on here.. no pop-ups, etc.. They show ads relevant to what's on the page you're reading. If you're reading a post about dragons, they'll advertise dragons to you. If it's about BBQ they'll show you grills. Also, this site keeps running from the...
  13. Rob

    I cannot change the time and date

    Hey there @Alone in the Dark - have you tried what some of the people have been suggesting? :)
  14. Rob

    Error encountered while installing VirtualBox-6.1.14-140239-Win.exe

    Or are you running windows and looking to install virtualbox there so that you can run linux on there?
  15. Rob

    rsync transferring files between two servers

    @SabSchap rsync is a great tool to get files from here to there (or there to here!). I'll usually run it with these flags: Copying a directory, here to there: rsync -avz --progress /path/to/directory/ [email protected]:/path/to/place/it/ Copying a directory, there to here: rsync -avz --progress...
  16. Rob

    Deleting trial information of an application

    We will not assist in pirating software on here. Pay for the license after the trial or find other software to use. Locking this thread.
  17. Rob

    CentOS Project shifts focus to CentOS Stream

    Nope, it was Centos for a long time, but recently put it on ubuntu server. Looks like a lot of the centos developers are switching over to rockylinux
  18. Rob

    CentOS Project shifts focus to CentOS Stream

    Yeah, not happy about this at all. I've been a CentOS fan for a looooong time because it was tested and stable. Sure not putting CentOS Stream into anything used for production!
  19. Rob

    File permission in Samba

    i'll be no help in this one - it's been probably 15yrs since I typed the word samba let alone used it :)