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  1. MatsuShimizu

    Kodachi. Experience....Anyone?....Comments?.....Pros, Cons, .....?

    Found this article on DDG. You can check out the link above for desktop screenshots. Source code: Update: I already try this distro on live USB. It works on Ventoy. Features: Only Kodachi VPN is...
  2. MatsuShimizu

    How Ethical Hacking Kind Of Things Are Used For Linux Security?

    I found this subReddit is useful if I want to learn the basics of hacking or if you want to ask for help. For me, most subReddits are awful, but I found useful tips about hacking in that subReddit, probably because it is heavily moderated.
  3. MatsuShimizu

    ppd-AR5B225 in kali linux

    Not to be rude, but I think you will get faster and better support if you ask directly in the Kali Linux forum. You can find it on Google, as I'm not sure if I can link directly to that forum here. Not many members of this forum are using Kali.
  4. MatsuShimizu

    HowTo build a dual boot image from two images

    You can use the Ventoy program.
  5. MatsuShimizu

    Is is posible to tripple boot linux with Windows 10?

    Yeah, you can. But make sure you create partitions on Windows using disk management. You will want to backup your data first before partitioning and installing. However, the problem with installing multiple OSes on the same computer, is your hard disk space will be limited to each OS. Since...
  6. MatsuShimizu

    New to Linux and need help learning

    Welcome to @Westmenti. The best way to get started is to have the distro installed on your PC itself and test it for yourself, rather than just reading. There are various distros to choose from, but for beginners, I think you should go for Linux Mint or Ubuntu. The installation process...
  7. MatsuShimizu

    Delete VS Not Delete Fat32

    Linux Mint can be tested from a USB drive or DVD. But to use Mint properly, you need to install it into the hard disk drive. Tails Linux can be run from USB alone. Where you download the ISO files has nothing to do with your system updates later on. After the installation, you can adjust the...
  8. MatsuShimizu

    BITWARDEN.....a serious alternative to LastPass

    The only drawback is that when you forget your master password. Store it somewhere safe.
  9. MatsuShimizu

    BITWARDEN.....a serious alternative to LastPass

    I don't know about Mint. But for Ubuntu, I can simply install Bitwarden app from Ubuntu software center.
  10. MatsuShimizu

    wont boot from cd or usb

    Please be more specific. What is the message that you see on the computer screen when the boot fails? Can you capture the message with a camera and Google that message? If you are using UEFI, you might need to disable secure boot and enable Legacy. This works on a Dell laptop. Other factors...
  11. MatsuShimizu

    New to linux, Please help!

    What Linux distro that you are using? If you are just getting started, using either Ubuntu or Linux Mint is the easiest path because if you have any problems, you can simply search on Google and find your answers there.
  12. MatsuShimizu

    Ubuntu got hacked

    Ubuntu has lots of servers worldwide. Even if the main server gets hacked, the other servers are still safe. If you suspect that the main server gets hacked, change your settings and download the updates from their mirror servers. Like Taiwan server, if you are in Asia, or Switzerland server if...
  13. MatsuShimizu

    Html coding

    What site builder/CMS that you are using? If you are using WordPress, then you can simply install and activate this plugin. WP Customer Reviews: If you don't use WordPress yet, you can go to web hosting Cpanel > Softaculous > WordPress. That's why...
  14. MatsuShimizu

    Html coding

    Did you already build a website? What site builder were you using? Do you want to learn how to create the HTML code yourself or do you want to hire someone to create it for you?
  15. MatsuShimizu

    Building A Website

    So your goal is just to have a website and not to build your own server. Let me explain based on what I know. I saw that you already linked to a WordPress blog in your forum profile. So go for WordPress. In my opinion, if you want to learn HTML or PHP from scratch, it will be a long way to go...
  16. MatsuShimizu

    Building A Website

    I don't quite get this statement. Do you want to build your own server? I also built tons of websites with my domain names in the past but I used shared hosting.
  17. MatsuShimizu

    Help an old fart!

    Just search for that. It is a wifi cracker software. Github page: Steps:
  18. MatsuShimizu

    Would you use Firefox relay?

    I know about CpanelX, which is the control panel that comes with hosting. However, I have 2 questions: - Can this be done 100% free without paying for hosting? - Does the email will be encrypted when forwarded to my primary email address? From my short search on Google, while I can set up a free...
  19. MatsuShimizu

    What is your personality type?