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    renaming "man pages"? (If you can not handle humour, do not read this thread.)

    So, with the current propensity to make (almost) everything "gender neutral" or "gender-equal", when will someone say, "Linux perpetuates patriarchy and male dominance!"? After all, Linux has "man pages". (The fact that this is an abbreviation of "manual" is irrelevant. Look what happened in...
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    Unable to delete files on USB hard disk

    I tried to run fsck, but it did not work. It seemed to want an ext2 or ext3 or ext4 file system. But the USB hard disk is a fuse filesystem. The full text is: [[email protected] /]$ fsck /run/media/u/'My Passport' -a fsck from util-linux 2.36.1 fsck.ext2: Is a directory while trying to open...
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    Unable to delete files on USB hard disk

    It is a USB hard disk, NOT a USB memory stick. The propeties panel says it is a "fuse" filesystem. (I am totally unfamiliar with that.)
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    Unable to delete files on USB hard disk

    I use FreeFileSync in one direction to backup my data files from my Fedora 33 computer onto a USB hard disk. It has worked well on thousands of files for years. However, a bit ago, FreeFileSync could not update five files on the USB hard disk. They do NOT have unusual characters in their...