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    Dual boot issues...

    I am trying to get windows 10 and linux mint to dual boot... I installed windows 10, then setup a dual boot with a 55/45 drive setup. Linux successfully does it's thing, and all seems well in the beginning. Linux bring up the dual boot screen in grub and both windows and linux boot great. I...
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    Usb drive formatting issues?

    Hi, i am fairly new to linux, but i am learning quickly and enjoying my experience for the most part. So i seem to have a common issue between distros, which is probably user related... I am on linux mint, Reading usb flash drives seem to work fine, i recently copied a backup hdd to my pc...
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    Kubuntu 18 beta vs ubuntu 18.04 lts?

    So i am running kubuntu 18 on my laptops, everything works except my webcam, but im not worried about that! I am curious if in theory if kubuntu 18 runs fine then ubuntu 18.04 lts should also run the same or better?
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    Screen Mirror/Wireless Casting???

    i am new to linux, starting to get used to the OS, i am using kubuntu. i am wondering what i can use to screen mirror from kubuntu?
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    linux installation, help needed???

    hey, i have a laptop i am having some trouble getting linux installed on. i am new to linux, looking to eventually convert completely to linux and i have alot to learn. this is my 2nd install, the first one went well. the laptop is an Acer Cloudbook 14 AO1-431 i have tried 2 versions of linux...