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    Xfburn "cannot reserve track of 117866496 bytes"

    This appears to be the entire contents of the ISO file. Can I use Xfburn or is there another app that might work?
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    How to uninstall a program that does not show up on the menu?

    The installation didn't add Scribus to the menu. It turns out it's not going to work for me, so I want to uninstall it. A terminal command maybe?
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    Queue shows "Processing" forever

    Been printing fine until I successfully used PlayOnLinux to get a greeting card program to work - except it wouldn't print. Now, native Linux Libre Writer doesn't print. ????
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    Audacity installation not going well

    I think I did something wrong. I expected Audscity to install itself from the Linux Lite Package Manager. I found it there and selected everything you see here, but it did not install and I see nothing in my Download folder. I don't know where stuff went that appeared to download and I think I...
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    "PrinterShare Mobile Print" Android app.

    Is this something I could use to print photos from android to my Linux USB-connected printer? The computer is on my network, the printer is not wireless. Or any other suggestions? Thx.
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    LibreOffice Help: " ... insufficient rights"

    LinuxLite 5.0 LibreOffice In the word processor I click Help and LibreOffice Help (no internet access) and I get "Object not accessible. The Object cannot be accessed due to insufficient user rights." I'm the only user and in the adm group. All other groups I'm in or not in are the...
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    Can't get started

    I'm very frustrated. I spent 20+ years in IT (until 2002) and can't figure this out. I just received a Linux Lite 5.0 on as bootable live usb flash drive. I'd like to replace Windows 7 on an older laptop, It boots fine. Where do I go for detailed instructions as to what to do? I can't...