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    Max speed per sata connector on pcie 2.0 x4? I've seen other controllers, but this one specifically states each port is only 520mb/s. Is this also true of all other devices like this? I was assuming they could all reach the 1000mb/s that the pcie...
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    sudo: update-initramfs: command not found

    Is this changed on purpose so it's not available or is it simply missing a link or something? I'm on fedora 32 with linux mate 1.24.1 Also where is this normally located? It's not in sbin if that is where it should be. Oops, should have probably put this in the fedora forum.
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    Advanced disk image backups? I found this looking for backup methods. Then I realized this is an add and not something already realted to existing image backups potentially. So the question is...
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    Maximizing drive performance. Raid and single drives.(+hardware vs software raid.)

    I have a raid and other drives. I'm trying to figure out what is causing the performance specifically and if there is a way to maximize them. I have a 6 disk raid of old re 4 drives. In raid 10 they perform at around 120mb/s on average no matter what. The individual drive performance is arouns...