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    Display glitch after installing fedora 33

    I 'm also seeing screen glitches after updating to Kernel 5.10.10, but no freezes nor black screens. I don't have this issue if I boot from Kernel 5.10.8 I also have Intel integrated graphics from an Intel Core i5-4460 Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox
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    live usb boot manjaro 20.2.1

    after installing manjaro kde (build - manjaro-kde-20.2.1-210103-linux59.iso) im not getting any Manjaro Option in the Boot menu , this is only happening with KDE 20.2.1 versiony because i installed Manjaro KDE 20.1.2 (manjaro-kde-20.1.2-201019-linux58) , 20.2.1 GNOME and XFCE both worked and i...
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    System font gets set to 1pt on logout...KDE issue?

    Those arrows, are those for changing to a different virtual desktop? Is that a feature I've overlooked, or is it a third party solution? Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox
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    [SOLVED] slow ethernet network address when connecting

    Start>Device Manager>Network Adapter>Right click your adapter>Properties>Advanced tab>Scroll down to speed&duplex>Check to see if its limited to 100Mbps and change to 1.0Gbps full duplex Kodi nox .
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    MIc issue; Noise; No Headset Input

    As the title says, my headset headphones do work and receive audio, but my microphone will not work, and as far as I can tell is not recognized. I've tried several things like going into Realtek audio manager and connector retasking it to a microphone which didn't work, disabling front panel...
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    passing sound around via command line

    This lets me hear both Linux and Windows at the same time with zero latency, uses the mixer's preamp for the mic and I can monitor the mic in my headphones. Right now there's no microphone input to the Windows VM which is how I want it, but the example in the blog post works with microphone to...
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    My Linux Mint 20 exactly like Windows 10

    I would never want my Linux to look like Windows. It woiuld make me feel like i was cheating on Linux. Kodi nox
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    Pb compressing img files

    If the filesystem and device support it then fstrim should be much faster. Also xz -9 usually gives the best compression. It;s also the slowest unless you use -T for multithreading. Tutuapp 9apps Showbox
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    Audio broken on Asus Fx505 GE - Maybe a kernel bug...

    The Strix series don't have very good speakers, from what I've heard and seen. It may just be bad speakers. :-( Kodi nox
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    Hidden Firewall in Kernel Module

    I was going to mention the same. It seems insane to me to use kernel modules to make sure your firewall rules don't change, meanwhile OpenBSD solved this problem already in a sane and practical way while not taking away your visibility into the system as an admin. Tutuapp 9apps Showbox
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    rewrite url parameters with htaccess?

    This is the normal way many CMS work. It's certainly not cloaking. It's a normal redirect from ?id=12345 to /pretty-url/ - nothing cloaked about it. Kodi nox
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    how to send an automated email from linux machine

    I have downloaded the ISO and verified the ISO's authenticity. I have a SATA USB adapter that connects to the SSD so I am able access the SSD. Is it possible to just install it directly into the new SSD without the use of a bootable DVD/USB? Kodi nox
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    STUNServer IP Leak

    The reason these VPNs are not preventing webRTC leak is because the webRTC client is not making request through VPN. It is using direct communication to the STUN server. That's why openVPN and Softether are not in the list. It's because they use virtual adapters to route all traffic through...
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    Installing Ubuntu on a Mac computer

    I'm trying to install Ubuntu on my MacBook Pro on a new Samsung 860 Evo SSD. I have downloaded the ISO and verified the ISO's authenticity. I have a SATA USB adapter that connects to the SSD so I am able access the SSD. Is it possible to just install it directly into the new SSD without the use...
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    hid-example.c as virtual ttyXX?

    You might want to raise this as an issue on GitHub, as you might be more likely to get a dev response. snaptube vidmate word to pdf
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    LED Signs and Configurations

    With watchfire you don’t have to worry about the company disappearing by the time that you have to troubleshoot software or components. We used to use other companies. Pretty sure they don’t direct sale like that, but it at least gives you something to ask a sign shop for. Be prepared for the...
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    Ninite is my favorite part of building a new computer. You don't get to just go nuts with ninite very often. Tutuapp 9apps Showbox
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    Linux have an good image mounter with support to DAA compressed and ISZ ?

    No, because they aren't. They're literally just a raw representation of the data from a disk, as-is. So if you make an image of, say, a 512GB SSD you'll get a 512GB file, even if the disk is only 10% full. If most of the filesystem is unused and filled with zeroes, compression can shrink it...
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    535 error sending on new email, mail server sendmail, dovecot, roundcube

    There is an option in email to allow unsafe apps to use Gmail... So, you need to disable that safety feature. Tutuapp 9apps Showbox
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    No INTERNET after latest 20.04 updates

    It is most likely a gateway issue. Netstat -nr will tell. With many interfaces one will be used as default GW. If that one does not have Internet access you end up with that issue. Kodi nox