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  1. Jarret B

    USB Linux Boot - Ventoy
  2. Jarret B

    USB Linux Boot - Ventoy

    I just looked at Ventoy at Github, they say encryption is not supported.
  3. Jarret B

    USB Linux Boot - Ventoy

    I may have to look into that. I haven't tried it. When I get the chance, I'll check it out.
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    Installing Linux on an iMac

    You are very welcome. I am glad the article helped. My iMac just did not run well with MacOS, but now runs faster. It still has that awful video card issue. Thanks for being a reader and having an account.
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    search on the site for 'usb boot' with my name under the 'By' text box. On the first screen...

    search on the site for 'usb boot' with my name under the 'By' text box. On the first screen, there is a an article about ventoy. The program helps you make a linux bootable USB stick.
  6. Jarret B

    Wi-Fi 6 Highlights

    From what I am seeing, the kernel supports the chipset. The problem is, I have not seen any posts where anyone has stated that they have tested or used it. I am kind of guessing that it should be ok, but this is a guess. If you purchase the device from a store that accepts returns, then you...
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    LFCS - Process Priorities

    You are very welcome.
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    Wi-Fi 6 Highlights

    Just one with a good speed and compatible with linux. You may want to stick with name brands.
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    Wi-Fi 6 Highlights

    I would guess you may want to return it. Your other option is to find a driver which may not be easy. You can use the command 'lsusb' to find the ID for it and look it up. The vendor:productID can help you find it. Finding the driver may be harder. I've had some devices that took weeks to...
  10. Jarret B

    LFCS - Logging

    System logging is a very important aspect of maintaining a system and monitoring it for issues. Making logs, implementing your items to log and checking those logs can help you keep systems running smoothly. In this article we will look at the following commands: lastlog last lastb...
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    LFCS - Scheduling Tasks

    Sometimes it is necessary to have tasks execute at specific times. Automating tasks to run at specific times can be a very necessary administrative function. Even on a home system tasks can be automated to reduce your time from ‘babysitting’ your system. There are a few ways to automate a...
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    MacOS or Windows Themes on Raspberry Pi

    In this article, I will cover three Operating System (OS) for the Raspberry Pi (RPi), preferably the RPi 4. These Operating Systems are not truly MacOS or Windows 10, but a desktop with the look and feel of a Mac or Windows system. The look of a Mac or Windows is truly ‘screen deep’. All...
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    Wi-Fi 6 Highlights

    Some manufacturers do release a product before the standard is set. Of course, they want to be the first or one of the first to release the new technology. Compatibility? At this point, who knows? You would definitely think so, but in the past, we have seen this issue before. Not...
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    Wi-Fi 6 Highlights

    I am sorry, but I would have no idea. If you do not need to connect a lot of multiple devices at once (like in a public place), then stick with WiFi 5. The technology works just fine. If you need good WiFi speed then look for a high end router and high end dongles (large download numbers). I...
  15. Jarret B

    Rock Pi 4 and Android TV

    Be careful with videos and kodi. Some of the GPUs do not support the 10-bit H265 videos. Be nice if they did.
  16. Jarret B

    LFCS System Performance

    With every system, especially servers, there is a need to find performance issues. The way to find the issues is to determine your system performance and monitor it over time. Seeing where and when issues arise can help you find solutions to the issues. If issues arise for low performance...
  17. Jarret B

    USB Linux Boot - Ventoy

    I have mostly been a sucker for bootable USB Stick. I find they come in handy for fixing partitions, recovering data and even virus scanning. They tend to be very useful for Windows Systems which are not recovering properly, which rarely happens (I am of course kidding). I find that Linux...
  18. Jarret B

    Installing Linux on an iMac

    If absolutely needed, reinstall MacOS just to get the file you need. Unless you can somehow get it from the installation disk. I thought you mentioned dual-booting. That could be an issue. I wiped my disk clean and started from scratch installing Linux. Just a thought though. Maybe I...
  19. Jarret B

    Installing Linux on an iMac

    Try to find the file when you have the MAC OS loaded and copy it to an external drive or your Linux partition. You may also be able to locate it from the installation disc for MAC OS. It may also be an issue with Ubuntu 20. I only tried Deepin. You may want to try Deepin first or look for a...
  20. Jarret B

    Wi-Fi 6 Highlights

    Many people may have seen the newer Wi-Fi routers out, which are labeled as Wi-Fi 6. Another label on the router boxes may be 802.11ax. These new router standards are backward compatible with 802.11 b/a/g/n/ac. Let's look at 802.11ax or Wi-Fi 6. Before we get to Wi-Fi 6 let’s look at the...