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    Malformed Entry in Wine Repository Installation

    Hello, Running into problems with installing the Wine repository on Ubuntu 19.10. Never seen this error so before so if there's any help to get me on path of figuring this out, greatly appreciated. Installation instructions used is from the following link:
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    Distro Recommendation

    Hi, Hope it is ok to ask this for the forum. I am curious as to people's personal thoughts about recommended Linux distros from experienced Linux users. I started using Linux full time this year and still learning. I have tried quite a few distros and currently settled on Ubuntu Mate 18.04...
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    Partitioning/BIOS Question

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. Hopefully I got the right forum. Apologize for the wordiness. Tried to give all info possible. During installation of a new Linux distro I noticed that multiple distributions I had previously installed were remaining in the BIOS. I had no...