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  1. Alexzee

    Is Linux more secure than Windows and if so why?

    Windows has a registry and Linux does not. Big security risk IMO:-
  2. Alexzee

    How long do you guys think it would take to become proficient in Linux, get Linux certs?

    The book that comes to mind is the Red Hat Study Guide that has Exams and Questions in it. BTW, the last time I checked on the Red Hat Linux Exams they start at about $700.00. Each person is different when it comes to...
  3. Alexzee

    which Linux for what desktop

    You're welcome- Happy building!
  4. Alexzee

    Question about running program shortcuts (Ubuntu 20.04)

    Again w/o the desktop entry for each program and the path to it (folder you have the program in on the desktop) the program probably won't launch. I don't know any other way to do this but what I've shared with you already, sorry. Maybe our Moderator: Wizardfromoz will have other suggestions.
  5. Alexzee

    Question about running program shortcuts (Ubuntu 20.04)

    In order for a program on the desktop to run it has to have a desktop entry. I can't really explain it any other way but to show you by an example. A long time ago I was running a program called bd.desktop. The only way I could get the program to run from the desktop shortcut I had to create a...
  6. Alexzee

    which Linux for what desktop

    If you'd like to dig a little deeper and see what Linux is really made of and everything that goes into an operating system you could build and install Linux From Scratch (LFS).
  7. Alexzee

    Login Loops

    Are you in a dual boot with another operating system? Sorry so many questions but your answers will help me to figure out if this is a Grub issue or something else.
  8. Alexzee

    Login Loops

    Ok so your DE is Cinnamon. What version of Mint are you running?
  9. Alexzee

    Issues Installing any Distro on New HD

    The installer should install Grub for you to your HDD. If it doesn't than you would have to manually install Grub from a live USB or DVD.
  10. Alexzee

    Login Loops

    What version of Linux Mint are you running? And, what desktop environment are you using? Gnome? KDE? XFCE? Mate? Also, is the system telling you that you are out of disk space? I was caught in a login loop myself a few months ago and realized that I had the CAPS Lock on.:)
  11. Alexzee

    Any changes to make in bootloader while switching distros?

    If you don't see the option to boot into Windows after you install Pop OS open your terminal and run this cmd as root: sudo update-grub Let it finish and the next time you boot up you should have the option in Grub to go to Pop OS or Windows. When you get a chance let us know how your fresh...
  12. Alexzee

    MX 19.2 Base Edition.

    Let us know how the test run goes.
  13. Alexzee

    Please recommend distribution for an 686 computer with a Radeon 9200 card

    Antix should run well for you on that machine. Let us know how it goes.
  14. Alexzee

    Please recommend distribution for an 686 computer with a Radeon 9200 card

    To try a distro without installing it you can do 1 of 2 things. Install Virtual Box and see how the Linux os runs. OR> you can download the 32-bit .iso of the Linux os you want to try and make it bootable on a usb thumb drive and run it live. In order to get the usb to boot you'll have to go...
  15. Alexzee

    I have made a commitment.

    You said that you suspect that you may hate it and it could be a lot of work on your part. You may just find that reporting bugs and talking to developers spins out to be a good experience and learn new things about Linux that you didn't know. Just a thought since this is your first time being...
  16. Alexzee

    Please recommend distribution for an 686 computer with a Radeon 9200 card

    Check out Linux Lite or Lubuntu. Aside from those distro's you could give MX Linux a spin too. Is your machine 32-bit or 64-bit? And is it a Dell? Sony? Toshibia? or Lenovo? Make and model # of your machine would really help us to help you.
  17. Alexzee

    What the best linux for gaming?

    Manjaro comes with steam already installed:-;)
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    You may want to include the exact make and model number of your Chromebook.
  19. Alexzee

    Duel boot Linux Mint 20 starts always to windows 10

    When I installed Linux Mint 19.3 it took about 10 to 15 min's. How long did it take you to install LM 20?