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  1. Eugor

    What is the impact of disabled/deactivated TPM

    Not sure where this post fits best, but I am sure it will be moved if better suited elsewhere. Laptop is Thinkpad T430 2344-BZU with 1vyrain mod bios running linux mint 20 xfce Since the bios mod, at boot,I have an "error communicating with TPM chip" It continues to boot and everything seems...
  2. Eugor

    Swapping Drives (Mint/Win10)

    I have a thinkpad T430 that I use both a linux os drive, and a win 10 drive in. I keep the drive bay cover off, and swap out the linux drive when I need to. ( which is not very often ). I also have a hp z230 with a linux drive and a win 10 drive installed. grub on linux drive lets me boot to win...
  3. Eugor

    Rock Roxx

  4. Eugor

    Looking for a fitting distro for an old netbook.

    imho linux mint xfce 19.2
  5. Eugor

    Desktop Linux Brick Wall

    I agree with using Libreoffice. I have used both over the years, and IMO, have found that Libreoffice seems to maintain formatting and appearance much better, especially the latest versions. I have also found that the tweaks listed here improve the useability and appearance even more...
  6. Eugor

    using old HDD as external drive with windows on linux OS

    I have found that the tweaks listed here helped performance with firefox on my computers.
  7. Eugor

    HGST SAS drive not working

    Don't know if this could be it, but... if there's an issue with disk finding or operation, once on the right firmware, consider the cable first. Even if a SAS cable can detect SATA drives it still might not work properly for SAS - I've had this and it's a hard one to trouble shoot if you...
  8. Eugor

    Rock Roxx

    And lastly in ecclectic fashion, this was yesterdays stuck tune...
  9. Eugor

    Rock Roxx

    or this one....
  10. Eugor

    Rock Roxx

    Could not get this one out of my head today.......
  11. Eugor


    Thanks also, Part of my concerns. Much obliged for the info.
  12. Eugor

    Laptop for Linux - Budget $800

    I am Super interested in your review of the T480 and the specs of the unit you get, and what os you run on it. I have a future target for that laptop if it performs as well or better that the souped up T430, and T440p. I look forward to and review you care to share. Thanks
  13. Eugor

    NAS distro recommendations

    If I think I follow the logic here, and all of the AWESOME ( thank you all ) advice, I may well be able to use the nas that has an os drive, and 2 raid drives that receive network collection data, and rsync from the raid drives to the backup drive. That way the rsync would handle the transfer of...
  14. Eugor

    NAS distro recommendations

    Great information all, thank you. My thought process was to use nas with two 500 gb hdd's using raid as the interim storage space for the various computers in the network. Daily back up would actually be to a non raid connected device.
  15. Eugor

    NAS distro recommendations

    So, correct me if I am wrong, but you use the same hardware NAS unit, but direct linux to a synology partition, and windows to a fat partition ? Sorry, trying to wrap my ignorant head around it. Thanks
  16. Eugor

    NAS distro recommendations

    Much Obliged.
  17. Eugor

    NAS distro recommendations

    Thank you both kindly for the input
  18. Eugor

    Rock Roxx

    Some Sid off the rails from the old days.
  19. Eugor

    NAS distro recommendations

    I have a brewing project in the tinkertown garage to set up a NAS solution. My question is, What is a good linux distibution to look at achieving that end. Primary goal is to allow the network devices which are both linux and win 10 to be able to store to this device thru both ethernet and...
  20. Eugor

    Via C7 Board & Linux Live USB issues

    Came to the conclusion it is a bad board. Windows also did not like it either. Install process going into reboot before it could start. Thank You for your input. I am going to get a different tinkerboard.