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  1. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Intro From Chattanooga Tn Area and Glad To Be Here.

    G'day and welcome back @None-yet.
  2. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Hello from S W Scotland

    G'day @Expert Novice. Welcome to the community. I agree with @wizardfromoz in regards to HP printers as I have a HP printer and they have the drivers for it on their site as a DEB package, for when I started using Linux Mint I went there to see if they did support Linux. My printer is around...
  3. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Hello there.

    G'day @bec2 . Welcome to community from the slow Aussie. Kali hey? Your welcome to it but you will pick it up quite well and better than this little old black duck would. Enjoy it.
  4. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Hello from UK

    G'day @Oroshi. Welcome to the community. I use to live for awhile in the other Stockton on the East coast of the land down under:D, when I lived else where I visit it to go fishin'
  5. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Hi guys

    G'day @Cro69 Welcome mate. I agree with what @Condobloke said.
  6. Nik-Ken-Bah

    New Linux user from NYC

    G'day @ex4722 Welcome and you will find things are more than likely changed from when you last had a play with Linux. I see the lads have given you a lot of info for you to think over and act on. Enjoy the Linux experience:) As for me: I personally at the moment use the Ubuntu based Linux Mint...
  7. Nik-Ken-Bah

    New user saying hello :)

    G'day @bodeplot Welcome.
  8. Nik-Ken-Bah

    I'm curious. Where is everybody from?

    On the coast or over the other side of the great dividing range. Novacastria is my natal city!
  9. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Text-to-speech software for Debian

    I was just thinking about that myself to-day as my cuz has limited vision and uses something similar to that but on a Vindows OS. @Condobloke Thanks for the link, appreciated. :)
  10. Nik-Ken-Bah


    That makes two of us then TC but for me only mechanical watchamacallits. But when younger also pulled thermionic valves apart to see how they were put together. But also I am a avid reader of anything I can learn something from, plus my jobs I had through life meant you needed the manual along...
  11. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Nice, peaceful.
  12. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Thanks for that. for I like to keep everything to my left, funnily enough just like when I am using a drafting table everything to the left of me, maybe because I instinctively reach for things with my left hand.
  13. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Consistent Issues Over Years With Linux SOLVED

    That's a bit of a bugger mate, but ya never know.
  14. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    With MX can you place the task bar on the bottom of the screen? I like to use the left side and the bottom of my screen for the access icons.
  15. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    What desktop is it running Chris?
  16. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Side Thread Inquiry

    I was watching a vid the other day from Explaining Computers and he was talking about the m.2 storage devices. He showed how to install them on the MB but he also showed that when it was plugged in it disabled one of the SATA ports. He was using a Gigabyte MB. So that is something to put into...
  17. Nik-Ken-Bah

    External HDD issues after PC shutdown

    G'day and welcome to the site. "What is the brand of external HDD?" The formatting has no effect on the software that controls the HDD that only effects the discs and how they are set-up so that the computer can read and write to it. It is very strange that it should park itself and shut down...
  18. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Microsoft: we were wrong about open source

    Ands what was on the intel box?
  19. Nik-Ken-Bah

    Side Thread Inquiry

    @poorguy , @Vrai , @jglen490 , @dos2unix , @Wrek Thanks for your input fellows. Tom I bookmarked your post on optimising the SSD, will be needing it when I shove the SSD into its spot. By the way Sandisk is the stablemate of WD. When I was looking for replacements for my Toshiba HDD WD was...