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    SysOps - which skills is needed

    Hi, What skills do you think, should have SysOps? I have LFCS certificate, i know basic of kubernetes and ansible. In my opinion as SysOps I need know Ansible to infrastructure automatization. It seems to me, SysOps must know very well Ansible. I have 8 years experience as PHP Developer. After I...
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    Linux server for the site

    Hello, I will be deploy prestashop site, which will be on 0 to 10 million visit on month, for day +-200-300k visit. Current i need to plan infrastructure and server requirements. At this moment i have this machine: Processor: Intel Xeon-E 2274G - 4c/ 8t - 4GHz/ 4.9GHz Memory: 64 GB DDR4 ECC...
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    Hello from Poland

    Hi :) I'm Paul and i'm from poland. I have been a PHP programmer for over 6 years, but I want to change it and go towards server administration. I am currently looking for a job somewhere as a junior linux administrator for up to several hours a month so that I would like to gain commercial...
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    How to become a Junior Linux Administrator?

    Hello, I am a php programmer with 7 years of experience, but I would like to administer the linux system. Currently, I have about 200 configured servers behind me, but mainly a simple LAMP or LEMP, where I had to install, for example, ioncube loader. I configured apache, nginx, php-fpm...