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  1. Nobby Hall


    Having successfully install VirtualBox and created a Virtual Drive I have finally binned Windows that was sitting in the laptop. Question is this, Virtualbox is running superbly but I want to install Hombrew and its addons but would like to know if this would compromise Virtualbox in any way...
  2. Nobby Hall


    I have had to install 'Crossover" on the laptop in order for me to get the information required to copy the Macros from the Excell to a new one I want to run under Libra. 14 days and ticking, anyone point me in the right direction that will let me see the info of the Macros and are they able to...
  3. Nobby Hall

    Virtual Drive

    I am trying to install Office 2007 to run on LibraOffice, by using PlayOnLinux, and it just sits there when creating a virtual drive. Any ideas what I am doing wrong and if not, how long would you expect the virtual drive take to create please? I need the Office version of Excell to run a...
  4. Nobby Hall

    Permission Denied

    Hi All and salutations, I have just installed Ubuntu and running terminal to access a program I need to run, but for some reason it keeps coming up with 'Permission Denied' when I try to run the ./conv.conf the program I need to amend. It runs fine on my Mac but need it to run on my laptop...