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  1. akd

    [Solved] Intel wifi drivers not found

    Hello, Debian 10.4 here, on a Toshiba Portege A30 C 1JC. Debian doesn't see wifi adapter (nor wwan one, but that's less important to me). Drivers are a long list of iwlwifi-8000C-3x.ucode, which I can't find anywhere. Any suggest, at least for wifi ones? Thanks!
  2. akd

    Errors with VMWare Player and Virtualbox

    Hello, I'm running Debian 10.4 on a Toshiba Portege notebook. Before doing that, I virtualized the original SO with wmvare converter, and now I have my virtual machine ready. I install both VmWare Player 15 and Virtualbox 6.1.6, but neither of them allow me to load my virtual machines, for...
  3. akd

    Hi everybody

    Hi, I'm new user in the forum, even if using linux since some time now. Now I started tu use debian on daily use but have some issues in fine setup. Happy to be here! :):)