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  1. johnnyb

    MX Linux shutdown problem...

    I have MX Linux on a HP cmxxxx laptop and it WILL not shutdown or restart. This has happened on MX everytime I have installed it. Do I need MX Linux for dummies, or can someone that has ran across this problem help out an Old Fart!!! Getting to old to learn new tricks... Tanks in advance.
  2. johnnyb

    The Old Fart

    Recently I was asking for help on an error I was getting. SOLVED! I was messing around with some old legacy os and changed me bios to load it. WELLLLLLL, I forgot to return to the bios and change it back EFI mod and therein the problem went away. Thanks to all who did reply with suggestions...
  3. johnnyb

    Help an Old Fart . . .

    Been getting an ERROR msg on a fresh install of Mint 19.3, not ready to jump into 'the latest and greatest' like me 19.3 --- info follow: dpkg: error processing package shim-signed (--configure): dependency problems - leaving unconfigured Errors were encountered while processing...
  4. johnnyb


    Have hp laptop with 18.04 on it, unable to get wifi working. cm0010nr