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    I have installed the newest ubuntu in windows vista

    Hi, I'm a super nooob, I have installed the newest ubuntu on a vista platform as the primary ios, its a little sluggish but I found puppy linux. I did a usb boot, I have it on the system and I like it more for my taste. Plus I love the Pup background. How do I keep the puppy as the main ios...
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    Complete Linux Beginner looking for a guide

    Greetings. Posted this on archlinux , but thought it would also fit here. As the title indicates I'm a complete beginner. My experience peaks at "I used ubuntu once". Recently I got the opportunity to get a cheap notebook (Lenovo t440s), and thought this would be a great opportunity to finally...
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    Questions about hdd and ssd for linux

    Hello everyone, I am thinking about switching to linux full time (manjaro specifically) as I am running it from a 128gb flash drive at the moment and I have fallen in love with it. I originally thought the 128gb flash drive would be sufficient because I wasn't expecting to do any linux gaming...