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    Repository error

    Hello all, in trying to fix other issues I evidently messed up my repository set up. Can someone help me get it fixed. I was following the directions about how to get BIOS fixed and I know they directed me to enter some repository additions through terminal. Now I'm getting these messages...
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    How to Detect USB External Modem

    I'm Back...I guess I hardly left. I am installing another Mint version 19.3 Cinnamon. All was flowing nicely till I came home and attempted to connect to dialup. I installed wvdial and I believe it is properly configured. GNOME PPP is installed and I configured that, but it cannot detect the...
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    Hung Logon Screen

    Help!!! An unfortunate thing happened on my way to Linux Nirvana...I guess it is a crash. I had just got my Mint Mate Tara 19 where I wanted it and was backing things up. I had used Timeshift to make an image on my external Seagate drive, and was trying to use 'backup tool' to backup the home...
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    Glitch with dial-up on Mint Mate 19 Tara

    Hello Everyone! I'm delighted to have Linux Mint Mate Tara finally on my Fujitsu. I did succeed in getting wvdial and gppp downloaded and running, yet we have a glitch and I need a software guru. Software is my weakest element and I'm a noobe to Linux having just kicked windows. Wine allows...
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    Recommendations for a Linux Clean Install on old Fujitsu AH532 laptop.

    Hello All Linux Gurus. and thank you in advance for your assistance. I am seeking guidance on which Linux distros would be most compatible with my older Fujitsu laptop. I'm ready to reformat the drive and kick Win7 off into space. The processor = 2.30GHz Intel Cor i3-2350M 64bit dual core...
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    Fine tuning Linux Mint Mate 19.3 Password

    Thanks Everyone for your continued assistance. I still have questions, I regret to say. I selected to have no password to login to Mint. It is asking for password every time it sleeps. I tried to set it never to sleep, and I can't find where to change that very annoying trait. Can someone...
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    Hung Boot Loader

    Hello All, and again my gratitude for your sharing your time and knowledge. Anyone following my previous post about a duel install of Mint with Widows 7 may know i murdered my machine. After achieving what I thought was a successful install of Mint 19.3 Mate 64bit; upon reboot the boot menu...
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    Recommended Linux OS for an old Dell clean install?

    Hello Everyone, can anyone recommend a Linux OS that would work best on an old Dell Inspiron 8000 with Windows XP Home Edition 32-bit sp2, for a clean Linux install. 37GB Samsung MP 0402H (ATA)? Thanks for being there.
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    Help posting requested text and screenshot?

    Can someone please tell me how to post the requested text doc and screen shot into a conversation thread [?]
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    How do I run a windows program in Linux

    Hello Everyone, As I am new to the forum I hope this is the proper protocol. I am working on another core issue on another thread, yet feel we are close to completion. Then I will have this new topic, and I thought the proper protocol is to start a new thread. Firstly, I am working on moving...
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    Duel Install Mint on Windows 7 partitioned drive

    Firstly I would like to salute the Masters of the Forum for their excellent work. I live with dial-up and was unable to ask my questions due to the slow speed of my internet connection and inability to verify my registration. I'm at a friends sharing hispeed and can finally ask my latest...