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  1. Musicguy32

    Hello everyone

    I am a random person on teh interwebs, from England. I am just starting to get the hang of using Linux (Ubuntu 18.04, namely) if there any cool or time-saving tricks that I could use, please let me know. Oh yeah, and another thing. How do you change the maximum screen recording length using...
  2. Musicguy32

    Meme formats

    If anyone has invented a new meme format, they could post it in this thread!
  3. Musicguy32


    Whenever I am at school, I slowly start to miss my Linux computer. So I thought that I would use my school iPad to make a pages template for a fake terminal! Here’s the link. Let me know if it has expired. iOS pages Linux terminal template. I’m putting a poll above. If you think this post is...