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    will not install. Is it any good or discontinued?
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    Dont know if this is the place to post but here goes. I need instruction on reinstalling from original CD from Linux. I am on a Gateway Lap Top with Windos 10 OS which has locked up with no communication with it. I just put the new Linux Mint on the drive and I was in business. So many...
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    WATCHDOG: BUG: soft lockup-CPU#2

    I am supremely enjoying LinuxMint. I recently suspended my laptop by closing the lid! Upon return the problem started. The startup is not as smooth and the LT will not shut off. Mint will shut down with the above message adding that it cannot forward the msg because it cannot connect. I surmise...
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    Download and install from USB

    I really need some help. I have watched several videos on this and spent 2 days trying to accomplish this task. I have a laptop with XP pro installed, it has dvd and usb. 64bit. I download Universal-USB-Installer- download linuxmint-18.3-mate-64bit. I start the USB installer and...