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  1. Shmu26

    Move Home folder back to default location

    I moved Home to a separate partition. Now I want to move it back where it was by default. How to do that? Kubuntu 20.04
  2. Shmu26

    [SOLVED] Gnome -- text display on running application icons?

    Can I cause a running application icon to display its full text, on Gnome desktop? In Xfce, this is called "show button labels". I will screenshot what I mean, this is the panel on KDE.
  3. Shmu26

    “Unable to create io-slave” error

    I am trying to attach a file in the "Send Fax" wizard of HP Device Manager (HPLIP 3.20.6). I am running it on Kubuntu 20.04. In the window called "Select Files to Send", I click on the "Add..." button, and I get the error Unable to create io-slave. Can not create socket for launching io-slave...
  4. Shmu26

    Physical to Virtual conversion with Grub intact

    I need help with the VMware P2V standalone converter. When I convert a system with grub, the VM is unable to boot, even though I included the boot partition in the image. I get to a grub screen that lists commands and none of them seem to work. What's the trick to convert a system with grub?
  5. Shmu26

    Satisfying dependencies for installation of HPLIP

    I downloaded the HPLIP installation file "" for Ubuntu from the official HP site and attempted to run it on Kubuntu 20.04. It was unable to satisfy a python dependency. I saw a post from Christian Haunert with a solution to the...
  6. Shmu26

    Help with DPKG and a fax modem

    I opened Synaptics this morning and got a message saying to run dpkg --configure -a I did that, and it found my USB fax modem, which is currently driverless: Setting up dgcmodem:i386 (1.01) ... Conexant DGC USB modem driver, version 1.01 If you need assistance or more information, please go...
  7. Shmu26

    Add Clonezilla to Grub

    Can someone tell me how to set up Clonezilla, such that I can launch it from a boot option in Grub, in order to take system images? I understand that I should use the toram parameter, so it will run completely from memory, thus enabling it to catch also the boot partition from which it...
  8. Shmu26

    Dash-to-Panel -- adjust height

    This Gnome shell extension combines the dash and the panel into one, putting a Windows-like taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Very cool. But how can I adjust the height of it? It's too tall.
  9. Shmu26

    Timeshift -- how to delete folder?

    I deleted snapshots, uninstalled Timeshift, but the folder is still using up 13 GB and I can't delete it. How to delete the Timeshift folder? Ubuntu 18.10
  10. Shmu26

    Logitech MX Master Mouse -- free-spin scrolling and not ratchet

    As the title says, I am asking about the Logitech MX Master mouse. I am running Ubuntu 18.10. I installed Solaar from the repository, but I still don't get the option for free-spin scrolling, as opposed to the default ratchet scrolling. I am talking about the middle mouse wheel, which is used...