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  1. gvisoc

    Life milestones: my first barbecue

    Quite meaningful for me as I have lived all my life in apartments and just moved to a nice townhouse with a great yard. My wife’s father was quite categorical when assessing any next steps towards the yard suburban life and after a serious briefing I got a kettle barbecue. Meat was well...
  2. gvisoc

    Installing Linux with Secure Boot and Friends

    This is an attempt of make sense about the Secure Boot, and has been published also in my blog. This post is motivated by the confusion and the still prevalent recommendation of disabling Secure Boot when installing GNU/Linux, no matter what distribution we are talking about. Contrary to the...
  3. gvisoc

    Hello all

    Hi there! I've been using GNU/Linux on and off since 1997 and I'm trying to sneak peek in the different communities to try to contribute back a bit, leaving my two cents where they would be helpful. See you in the forums!