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  1. kubutek

    HP LaserJet 1010, Printer Problem: How to change version PCL from XL (6) to 5e ? My Printer HP LaserJet 1010 is not compatible with PCL 6 and I need to perform downgrade from PCL 6 to PCL 5. Can anybody explain me how I can do this? Thank You!
  2. kubutek

    Hello Linux! I Hate You!

    Hello! Linux is nice and cool, but I can not configure my printers. So... I wish You guys to help me! Pleassssssssse! Is here any linux girl? I wonder!! ;-) Oh! I am from Poland, and I got website! I invite you! Pic surf with me! :-)
  3. kubutek

    Hello! I Want To Install Drivers 4 My HP Laser Jet 1010

    Hello Nice To Meet You Again. Can You Tell Me How To Install Drivers To My Printer?
  4. kubutek

    How To Delete Thread?

    Just tell me how?
  5. kubutek

    Unsupported Personality: PCL (HP LaserJet 1010 Problem)

    Please Help Me! My HP LaserJet 1010 Stops Printing My Prints I Don't Know What To Do Can You Help Me? Please
  6. kubutek

    Hello! Printer Problem (PCL XL error, KERNEL IllegalTag 0x1b, position 8)

    Hello Linux God! If you are there... just help me, coz I'm going crazy with my printer, and i'm thinking of imigration from x-ubuntu to Debian. Does any body knows, what is going on with my printer?!! (LOL) Pleas Help! --