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    Hi guys

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    End of Windows?

    Windows is here to stay. It works better than ever, it becomes better and better every day, and giving the developers the kind of development environment they want (WSL), there's no reason to think otherwise.
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    Australia - The Land Down Under

    This country is great. I moved to a townhouse north from Sydney, with a big backyard. and I'm proud to host the following: A Blue Tonge lizard eating the thousands of snails that we have around the driveway Several lizards of some other random species. They live like everywhere and they're not...
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    Lenovo Computers & Linux.

    I can tell from experience (current) that ThinkPads and Linux work quite well. I have a T490s and I use Debian 10.5 on bare metal as "my daily driver". Installed using the images that ship the non-free software, it works like a charm. Also, the UEFI these machines have is recent enough and...
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    Help - searching for private distro working in Dual Boot with Windows.

    That’s quite surprising to me. I have Debian and Windows 10, and installing Debian in its partitions (primary partitions) got grub in Debian’s. We’re your Debian partitions extended + logical? Still, I use the EFI boot mode, and not grub, to switch OSs.
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    Help - searching for private distro working in Dual Boot with Windows.

    I hate to quote myself, but this is to stop editing the existing posts. This behaviour I quote below is usually the default behaviour of the installers when setting up the EFI as GPT and pure EFI mode. The automatic partitioner should suggest that structure because it'd be the only that would...
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    Help - searching for private distro working in Dual Boot with Windows.

    The EFI reads all the available bootloaders from the primary partitions, and boots into the selected default, but all of them will always be available from the boot menu. Chances are that no bootloader will be written to Windows 10 partition if your drive has a GPT table and if you go into full...
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    Is it safe to use third party email client apps like Thunderbird?

    I think you may have heard about some applications that extend the standard email protocols like Spark or some other email clients (that's just an example --I know it's not available for Linux). In that case, you may be OK just by carefully reading the privacy policy, as they may need to...
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    Fresh Installation of Linuxfx Ubuntu Based (SOLVED}

    Just don't change distros out of suspicion... Linux offers you enough tools to investigate. I'd begin by checking what processes are ramping up the CPU with tools like top and htop, and doing some duckduckgoi-ing or goolgling or the search engine of your choice. The other day I had a similar...
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    Can I install Linux on a logical partition?

    Sorry for jumping late! @LorenDB's installation was possible because that installation schema was valid and quite common in BIOS computers, and drives with a MBR and not a GPT. I installed a few systems in logical partitions, both / and swap, ans the grub in the MBR. In systems with UEFI and...
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    I don't know what I m doing

    Hi -- please try to give a little bit of context to your question. Where do you want to open that "page"? What application, program, or system? What do you want to code (a web?), and in what programming language?
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    What is the minimum specs you have tried linux on.

    I remember it was 2017 because I recycled that laptop when I moved to Australia. It was an ASUS that didn't have a battery any more, it lacked some case parts and the hinges were totally broken (I had to build support for the screen using books, oh boy!) but it was still working and AntiX was...
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    What is the minimum specs you have tried linux on.

    My first Linux installation was in 1997 in a Pentium 166 MMX with 32 MB of RAM, using a 400MB partition (Red Hat 5.1). The latest resource-scarce installation I tried was on a Pentium 4 (don't remember the clock speed, but it was a single core processor from 2002), 40 GB HDD and 512 MB RAM...
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    telnet like service for ISP

    I've never heard of anyone extending those channels to customers. They pretty much have access to your local equipment (e.g., router) to check and peek, over (I hope) some sort of secure channel, but nothing you can initiate.
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    apt install pkg.tar DIDN'T WORK?

    tar files are not installable packages, so they won’t work with apt. apt expects deb files, which contain metadata for the system to know where to put each file they contain, what are the dependencies in terms of the Linux base and the other packages they expect to be installed before, etc...
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    need help setting up busybox httpd and apache 2.

    Debían 10 as per his original post.
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    need help setting up busybox httpd and apache 2.

    Is there any reason to prefer busybox over Apache? If it’s just to document your Linux trip, Apache would do great. Sometimes standard distribution packages depend deeply on Apache, or expect it to be there, and if you replace it by busybox you may break something in the process: I would...
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    What is the best distro for me?

    Hi In terms of performance, pretty much anything will run. In terms of software, there are notorious alternatives; two that I can recommend are for MySQL and Visual Studio. MySQL is multi-platform, so the workbench should run; for Visual Studio you have Monodevelop or Visual Studio Code, etc...
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    The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Anybody seen it?

    They were actual 2 hour-or-so movies, I think. I might have gone to the cinema to watch some of them, even, when I was still living in Spain, but I may be fabricating memories.
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    Seven days with gnome.

    I’m usually a terminal / keyboard shortcuts kind of user, and the kind of user that gets so annoyed when the system interrupts me or when something catches the eye and distracts me, For that, I usually find Gnome 3 much better than others . I have been trying others, like MATE, Cinnamon and...