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    Hello everyone I installed virtualbox on linux mint 20.04 and I followed the following instructions: "via the site install the new version of virtualbox " after you have to choose the version we bask on its operating system. I install everything is, after I create a VM and it...
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    sandbox and Firejail

    hello everyone I would like to know if the sandboxing is stable and usable in the long term. For those who use it I would like to have your opinions. Recently, I have heard a lot about this secure solution. Because recently I went to the software library and there were even some negative...
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    apt source and software

    Good morning all I would like to know that it is your configuration in the official repositories of linux mint (if possible tricia 19.03) Because I can't upgrade to version 20 of linux mint. Via the terminal, I launch the command: "mintupgrade check" Of course after this command can not be...