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  1. khedger

    traceroute output with timestamp on each line

    Ah....well, I stand corrected, although making this work is very 'hacky'. You'll have fun calculating ms times and deciding on rounding and such. And there's the question of how actually accurate it will all be in the end. I guess you COULD get your date and time stamps though :cool: Have...
  2. khedger

    Different IP address for different accounts in same box

    To be more complete, with the configuration I described above, you can have something like a network 192.168.1.(0-255) for your LAN, and all of your devices would be dynamically served an IP address somewhere in that range. The router would be issued a dynamic IP from your ISP on their network -...
  3. khedger

    traceroute output with timestamp on each line

    Don't think you're going to get it. The traceroute command does not support this and I can't think of a way to 'wrap' the command to get this. Their may be other commands that will do what traceroute does that support this, but I've never heard of one. keith
  4. khedger

    Different IP address for different accounts in same box

    Not a heavy network guy, but what you describe is exactly how my home network works. My wireless router is a DHCP server for my LAN and it acts as a DHCP client to my ISP when accessing the internet. So, you should be able to do the same thing with just your single client on your LAN. Of course...
  5. khedger

    Is it safe to use third party email client apps like Thunderbird?

    And then there's good old non-gui 'mail' which works just great. keith
  6. khedger

    Encountering IF statement and tee conflict in script

    Hmmm......isn't there a way to redirect error output specifically in bash? I seem to remember &2 or something being a designation for error output and the use of something like '&2 > myerror.log' to get separate error output. @JasKinasis should know.... keith
  7. khedger

    Encountering IF statement and tee conflict in script

    I don't do much bash scripting, but it looks to me like the problem is that you're saying "if rsync command works, then execute the tee command to log and then return to the script" By the time the 'tee' command executes, the rsync has finished and there's nothing to log. Try putting the tee...
  8. khedger

    Search directory and search File

    'ls ab.*12 | xargs grep pull' keith
  9. khedger

    Dell XPS 12- suggested distro for OOTB compatibility?

    I think that if you order an XPS from Dell with linux, they use Ubuntu (somebody can correct me if I'm wrong).... keith
  10. khedger

    apt install pkg.tar DIDN'T WORK?

    So - first step - 'man tar' and read. second step - extract the tar archive using the tar command: -make a dir to work in -move your .tar file to that directory -issue a command like 'tar xvf <tilename.tar> keith
  11. khedger

    root space

    "Make it".....ha ha ha. So you've been at this a while eh???? :cool: keith
  12. khedger

    New to this

    You can also use MS 365 or whatever their online app suite is called and just do your stuff online....
  13. khedger

    Live boot works but can´t boot after install

    Hmmmm......when you say that the system checks are still running after 4 hours, are you sure they're running, or does it just LOOK like they're the system really churning away or is it stalled? Given that you had several 'power outages' and the incongruous behavior you've cited...
  14. khedger

    creating process

    Somebody's doing their homwork........ keith
  15. khedger

    Not showing any networks for me to connect to wifi

    Best initial guess is that the drivers for your wifi adapter are not in the disto. This usually occurs when a manufacturer is snotty about allowing the use of their drivers. I know that there's a lot of problem on Macbooks because of this, but I know for example, that there are drivers that can...
  16. khedger

    Well......this ain't good :/

    You can't hide man. keith
  17. khedger

    Need HELP to install Ubuntu Linux

    If I understand you correctly, you currently have a Windows sysstem on your SDD and use your HDD for storage. You wan to know whether installing Linux on the SDD will preserve the files on your HDD. The answer is yes. Assuming you want to replace the Windows OS with Linux, you can install Linux...
  18. khedger

    Limit lines in document to only so many characters, How?

    you could write a PERL or Python script: (pseudocode) open file foreach line in file if linelength < 81 output to new file end; keith
  19. khedger

    Install Ubantu ...

    It sounds like your USB does not have a bootable .iso Linux image on it. That is what you need. The fix is: - on another computer download the Ubuntu .iso image - search the Ubuntu site for instructions on burning the .ISO image to the USB drive (you'll need something like Etcher to do this) -...
  20. khedger

    Nvidia Is Preparing An Unexpected Surprise For Linux Users In 2020

    Remember, surprises are not always good....... :cool: