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  1. nclinuxus

    TP-Link AC1300 Modem: Signal Strength Displayed As Very Weak!

    Greetings, People! Long time no see. Since July, I have been using my new desktop, a custom-built SilverStone unit from Current Build Computers. 64-bit, 250 megs Samsung solid state, AMD Athlon 200GE with Radeon Vega Graphics (2 cores, 4 threads, 3.2 GHz), and an AMD AM4 A320-S2H...
  2. nclinuxus

    Can't Install Tor Browser By Command!

    Greetings, People! I would appreciate some expert tips from someone on how to install the Tor Browser from the command line (in Terminal) with Ubuntu MATE. I recall that it was only a few months ago that Ubuntu and Debian would extract the .zip files and voilà! The browser is ready to run. I...
  3. nclinuxus

    Is It True?! About Ubuntu MATE? Plus, My Final Zorin Thoughts

    Well, Friends, I couldn't keep going any longer: I showed Zorin the door out of my computer and threw the luggage outside (kinda' sorta'). The frustration was worse than the scorching sun out in the deserts of Australia! My apologies to the Zorin folks, I'm just talking about my experiences...
  4. nclinuxus

    Not Sure About Zorin OS, Will Test For A Couple of Days

    I have installed another distro on my laptop. Wizard told me earlier that support for Ubuntu MATE 32-bit ended on July 19th (that's today for me when I post this), so my latest system is Zorin OS, 32-bit. The desktop is attractive, but the responsiveness is not what I was expecting...slow. I...
  5. nclinuxus

    Font Managers, Anyone?

    I have questions, if that's OK with you: 1. I am using a Toshiba Satellite A205 laptop, 80 GB HDD, running Ubuntu MATE 17.10, 32-bit. I attempted to remove several Noto Family fonts from the system, using two generic font managers (at different times) from the Synaptic repository...