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  1. Jared.

    Looking for distrobution built for people that break computers

    I am surprised nobody recommended Endless OS.
  2. Jared.

    Installing question

    Pretty much for two reasons. Faster read and write times and because newer machines don't have any ports for optical media.
  3. Jared.

    Which Linux Distro is best for beginners?

    Yes, but a new user won't know how to change their desktop environment or alter how it looks. In most cases they would be using its default look and feel.
  4. Jared.

    Which Linux Distro is best for beginners?

    I'd pick Linux Mint Cinnamon over Ubuntu as its layout and UI design is similar to that of Windows.
  5. Jared.

    Gaming on Linux is awesome

    Some gamers prefer the flexibility and customizability of Linux and PCs in general over the ease of use that console provides due to its, often at times, limited nature on how it can be used.
  6. Jared.

    I am 86 years old and illiterate, need help.

    @Hollow Antlers For 32 bit computers, try out MX Linux. Click the following link: and scroll down until you see a file called MX-19.2_August_386.iso , it should be the fifth option. Click on it and it would automatically download onto...
  7. Jared.

    "No Wi-Fi Adapter Found" on Pop!_OS 20.04 LTS x86_64

    Did you do a reboot after entering the three commands?
  8. Jared.

    Hardware / Software compatibility Issue?

    What is the specs of your system and what version of Linux Mint are you using?
  9. Jared.

    Trouble Picking a Distro...

    Ubuntu has the option to opt in or out of telemetry on its installation menu. Tails is designed for flashdrives, running in a live environment with the option for persistent storage (storage which won't be erased after shutting down the operating system). Whonix is designed to run on two virtual...
  10. Jared.

    "No Wi-Fi Adapter Found" on Pop!_OS 20.04 LTS x86_64

    Try to connect to the internet using USB tethering or through an ethernet cable. Then go into the terminal and type in the following commands: git clone sudo cp -r ath10k-firmware/QCA9377 /lib/firmware/ath10k/ sudo mv...
  11. Jared.

    Seven days with gnome.

    I prefer window managers alone. But as a desktop environment goes, gnome is pretty keyboard centric and it at least tries to be something different than emulating what is seen on Windows or MacOS.
  12. Jared.

    USB Booting Problems

    If I am not mistaken, Windows is not able to detect Linux specific file systems such as ext4. In order to remove them, you would have to boot into a live environment on Linux (the first thing you are shown in the majority of distributions before installation) and erase or partition your...
  13. Jared.

    USB Booting Problems

    Try to launch the Synaptic Package Manager, on the left panel you would see an option for Status, left click it and go onto Broken Dependencies. Once there click on the red blocks located to the left of each of the names of the packages. Once that has been done, there should be an option...
  14. Jared.

    Install Ubantu ...

    Did you flash the iso onto your flashdrive? Did you press the F11 or F12 keys shortly after booting your computer (if it'd an HP laptop or prebuilt desktop then its F9) in order to access the boot menu?
  15. Jared.

    No Wifi !! found with Linux on Win10 intel PC

    I was listing to him alternatives that he could have done to solve his issue rather than going to WSL. I would rather of him know of it rather than letting him think that there was nothing else he could have done. Most popular chip makers such as Realtek, Intel and to a lesser extent Broadcom do...
  16. Jared.

    No Wifi !! found with Linux on Win10 intel PC

    You could have either bought a compatible wifi adapter or looked into the Additional Drivers program on Ubuntu and see if there wasn't a proprietary or unofficial open source driver available for your card. Additionally you could have ran the command: lscpi | grep -i wireless into the terminal...
  17. Jared.


    @Incruste2.0 I have two possible solutions for you. The first one is to go into the terminal and type: sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup then press Enter. If the problem still arises then do the method as instructed below: Steps for the second method: Go into the .VirtualBox folder from your...
  18. Jared.

    Hello fellow comrades

    But it was an introduction.
  19. Jared.

    Hello fellow comrades

    Hello everyone. This might be a late welcome but I didn't see this on the forums initially. Anyways I have used Linux within a virtual machine since last summer and on bare metal during late December of last year. Within the timeframe I was able to test Arch and Gentoonin a virtual machinez with...
  20. Jared.

    Screen Tearing

    Have you installed AMD's open source graphics driver. I have two solutions that might work. The first one is a bit harder but shouldn't produce a performance hit. Using a text editor of your choosing, open /etc/profile.d/ then proceed to add the line: export KWIN_TRIPLE_BUFFER=1. Check...