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  1. Nelson Muntz

    An Interview With Clem Lefebvre
  2. Nelson Muntz

    CPU-X, An Alternative to CPU-Z for Ubuntu and Other Linux Distributions!

    Works great. :D
  3. Nelson Muntz

    Enough with the Linux security FUD

    Worth a read imo.
  4. Nelson Muntz


    Hello everyone, Is anyone using Wayland. I'm using Wayland in Ubuntu 20.04 and everything seems to be working without any glitches or issues or problems.
  5. Nelson Muntz

    Intel investigating breach after 20GB of internal documents leak online.

    Title says it all. Intel won't buy anymore of Intel's products. I'm glad the Intel processors are old enough to not be affected to this exploit.
  6. Nelson Muntz

    Nvidia Is Preparing An Unexpected Surprise For Linux Users In 2020

    Hopefully this becomes a reality for Linux.
  7. Nelson Muntz


    A worthy Linux distro that is worth a look at. Something different than the normal Linux distros. Installs and works OOTB although a slight learning curve as the how to and the where are of certain things. I don't know that I would recommend it for the new Linux user although not hard to figure...