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    I have no formal computer training, but have been using linux since the early 90's. Looking at Amazon lists for books on linux networking, they have entries published in 2007 for $35. I wonder if anyone knows of a more recent text on the subject? Thanks Len
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    intel em lock

    I do not know details, but have read that some new intel computers have an em lock that prevents the installation of linux and systems other than windows. If this is true, I hope a workaround can be found. I certainly will be very hesitant to buy such a system. Len
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    linux v windows 10

    With the new version of grub, I have been finally successful at restoring dual boot to my uefi systems. I am still working with my mbr system, which is harder because partitions have to be defined as extended and manipulating them is a bit more of a challenge. The biggest reason I use windows...
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    Windows updates goofing up grub 2?

    Dual-boot windows (now 10) and SuSE have been characteristic of my system since the mid 90’s, but the new windows updates have goofed up grub 2 on all three of my systems (both mbr and eufi). I even installed SuSE on a usb hard drive and was able to boot from that until it also generated an...